Inexpensive Wall Art from a Calendar

Taryn of Design, Dining + Diapers has been decorating her daughter’s bedroom.  She found an excellent source for inexpensive art when she repurposed an old calendar.


“The prints actually came from a calendar of Paris monuments that my sister-in-law gave me the year my husband and I got married,” Taryn explains.  She’d held on to the calendar for sentimental reasons and because she loves Paris.  The calendar pictures are vintage postcard prints of Paris.  Taryn simply put them in frames from Hobby Lobby and hung them on the wall.  Voila–instant art!


To find out more about using calendar pages as art, visit Design, Dining + Diapers.

New Calendar from Repurposed Items

Over at Project Lovegood, Aubrey tells us, “With the new year upon us I decided to make an easy peasy calendar
project. I took a calendar I got for free, a cardboard box and an old t-shirt and made a new calendar!”

Project Lovegood calendar before

Aubrey’s ingenious idea gave her a wall calendar that was more in sync with her decorating scheme than the pictures in the original, free calendar were.  It’s a great use of objects she already had!  “I love it because it’s easy, cheap, upcycled and has a pop of color and pattern,” Aubrey says.

Project Lovegood calendar after

You can get the full scoop on how Aubrey made this calendar at Project Lovegood.


Corkboard Calendar

Over at Inspiration Cafe, Sherry tells us that she got this plain corkboard for free when she was shopping at a garage sale.  She brought it home and turned it into the perfect calendar and organization station for her family.

Painting the frame and adding calendar squares really dressed up the original basic board.  And the addition of clothespins to the board?  Pure genius!  Now things can go on and off the board without any sharp pushpins dropping off onto the floor.  This board should definitely help a busy family stay organized.

Sherry offers a detailed tutorial on how she made this calendar board at Inspiration Cafe.