Mismatched Cabinets Get a Little Love

At Thrift Craft Love, Jess has been working on fixing up a craft room for herself.  “I wanted to save some old metal cabinets that had been in my parents basement for more than 30 years,” she tells us, and decided that she’d incorporate them into her craft room.  While they offered terrific storage potential, the cabinets were pretty beat up, and completely mismatched!


It took a bit of work to get these cabinets ready to go.  Since the cabinet bases were almost completely rusted out, Jess’s dad helped her to build wood bases for them to sit upon.  Jess painted each of the doors and drawers in a different, bright color.  The cabinets had no countertop, so she made one from an OSB panel leftover from another panel, decoupaging it with the pages of a book that had illustrations in coordinating bright colors.  The result is lots of storage in really fun colors!


Make sure you visit Thrift Craft Love to find out more about this cabinet makeover.

Cabinet Upgrade for Less

Sara from Thrifty Treasures figured out a fantastic way to give builder grade cabinetry a custom-looking upgrade.  It started with these worn out old chairs with spindle legs that she acquired through Freecycle.

Thrifty Treasures broken chairs before

Sara says of the chairs, “I knew they were broken, but you can do lots with spindles, so I got them.”  She cut the feet off from the legs of the chairs and–here’s where I reveal that Sara is a genius–added them to the bottom of her kitchen cabinets to give them that fancy furniture look.  Sara says that she has enough spindles from those chairs to be able to add “feet” to all the cabinetry in her kitchens and bathrooms.  Awesome!

Thrifty Treasures broken chairs after

You can read more about Sara’s great idea at Thrifty Treasures.