Junk Cabinet to Toy Cabinet

When Alex of Happy, Healthy, & Domestic moved into her home, the previous owner left a lot of stuff behind.  “Some of it trash, other stuff was trash waiting for someone to see it’s true potential,” Alex points out. “This cabinet was left in the garage.”

Happy Healthy & Domestic toy cabinet before

The cabinet was one of the pieces with potential, but it took a thorough cleaning to see just how much potential it had.  Alex sanded and primed the piece, then gave the outside a coat of Cool Cobalt Blue by Glidden.  Since the doors shut tightly, Alex decided that the revamped piece would make a perfect toy cabinet inside her home.  It’s darling!

Happy Healthy & Domestic toy cabinet after

You can read more about this makeover at Happy, Healthy, & Domestic.

Painted Hutch Makeover

Amy Giggles Designs is Amy’s blogging home.  She’d been on the look out for some craft room storage when these two ugly hutches showed up at the consignment store where her mother works.

Amy Giggles Designs painted hutches before

Despite their almost hideous appearance, these hutches were the perfect size for Amy’s craft room.  She was able to imagine their possibilities.  Amy’s parents helped her to remove the layers and layers of old paint and sand paper.  They beefed up the molding on top, and refinished the hutches with pink and white paint.  Don’t you just love those happy pink shelves?

Amy Giggles Designs painted hutches after

You can read more about this project at Amy Giggles Designs.

Pie Safe Transformed

Here’s a fun makeover from Christy of Planted and Blooming Girl.  She found this pie safe on the side of the road.  Even though Christy thought it looked just awful, she reasoned that it was solid wood and free, so there was no risk involved in trying to give it a makeover.

Planted and Blooming Girl pie safe before

At home with the pie safe, Christy started having second thoughts.  “It was so nasty I considered just dragging it back out to the street,” she admits, “but thought better of it, because then my neighbors would think had that in my house.  So either way I had to paint it.”  She spruced up the piece with additional molding, glass knobs, and a coat of gray-blue paint.  The broken glass cabinet doors were replaced with muslin.  It totally worked!  Now Christy has a pie safe to be proud of, that is functioning as handy toy storage in her home.

Planted and Blooming Girl pie safe after

You can read more about this makeover at Planted and Blooming Girl.

Free Cabinet Upgrade

At The Hardscrabble Home, Stephanie had a wall of cabinetry in her home that she decided needed a little somethin’-somethin’.  Out in her garage, there was a really old cabinet that she thought might be the ticket to her indoor cabinet upgrade.

The Hardscrabble Home cabinet before

Stephanie took the garage cabinet apart and had her husband handle the sawing.  They removed the dated tile countertop and backsplash from the indoor cabinet, and replaced them with wood and beadboard salvaged from the vintage cabinet.  Stephanie stained the reclaimed wood a rich, dark brown.  The effect is that the cabinetry has been transformed from builder stock to high-end custom….without paying a penny for it!

The Hardscrabble Home cabinet after

You can learn more about how Stephanie and her husband completed this makeover at The Hardscrabble Home.

Nightstand Makeover

At The Weathered Door, Reeves explains that when friends of the family passed along this nightstand to her, it was blonde wood with a very funky crackle finish.

The Weathered Door blue nightstand before

Reeves says that nightstands are one of her favorite refinishing projects, because “They are quick to paint because of their size and I like being able to use bright colors once in a while.”  She chose a bright blue for this one, which looks fantastic.  The colorful hue really brings out the piece’s details, like the beaded boards on the side and the interesting doors.

The Weathered Door blue nightstand after

You can find out more about Reeves’ refinishing process at The Weathered Door.

Fancy Carved Bookshelf Makeover

Over at That Thing I Made, Joanna picked up this worn out bookshelf for $20.  It was pretty hard to see past the ugly stained finish and particle board backing, but Joanna has a good imagination.

That Thing I Made bookshelf after That Thing I Made bookshelf before

A fresh coat of white paint and some vintage bookpages backing the shelves transformed this once ugly piece into quite a show stopper!  Getting rid of the wood grain really simplifies this piece so that the carved details don’t have so much competition.  I think the white paint allows those details to be the focal point, instead of the distracting stained wood.  It’s a lovely makeover that created a very useful space for Joanna to organize the supplies she uses to make all natural products.

That Thing I Made bookshelf after

You can learn more about how Joanna gave this bookshelf a new life at That Thing I Made.

Cabinet Makeover

Deb of Lake Girl Paints had two pieces of an old entertainment center sitting in her garage for almost two years.  They were leftover from an old media center that had to be junked when it didn’t work with a flat screen television.  (Sound familiar?)  These two towers were in pretty good shape, they just needed a little update.

Lake Girl Paints entertainment center before

Deb gave them that update with a coat of fresh white paint and the removal of the glass-front doors.  She replaced some of the shelving with cute baskets.  My favorite touches?  The aqua beadboard and the DIY rope handles.

Lake Girl Paints entertainment center after

You can learn more about this makeover at Lake Girl Paints.

My Roadkill Rescued Bathroom Cabinet

Hi, Everyone!  I want to tell you about a fun rescue I shared over at Infarrantly Creative, this week.  It’s my latest Roadkill Rescue challenge on Indy Style, the local lifestyle show I have been a part of for the last 18 months.  Viewer Jennifer submitted this worn out cabinet/dresser combo she had taking up room in her garage for a year and a half.  It was in pretty rough condition and it couldn’t be restored without some MAJOR work.

Infarrantly Creative bathroom cabinet before

I literally took the entire thing apart and pretty much just used the wood to create something new:  a bathroom cabinet.  I wanted to somehow use the feet because Jennifer really liked them but the back feet got damaged in the demolition part. Doh! So I flipped the feet upside down and used them to add architectural interest to the top.

Infarrantly Creative bathroom cabinet after

Another piece saved from the trash heap!  Roadkill Rescue RULES!  Click over to Infarrantly Creative to get more details on this project, including info about the pretty gray paint color.