It’s an Owl Lamp!



While she could easily imagine the original lamp in house with shag carpeting and 70’s paneling, April knew it would be easy to give the lamp a new look.  She tossed the old lampshade before spraying the owls with white paint.  She replaced the old shade with one she’d saved from a broken lamp.  I love the combination of burlap and bright white!


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Tulips Repurposed for Spring Decor

At Confessions of a Serial DIYer, Christy had this tulip wreath from last year’s spring decor.  “I had it hanging in the garage and it had fallen several times and was looking a little tattered, ” she explains, so she decided to take the wreath apart and make something else for this year.


Instead of putting the tulips back into a wreath, Christy chose to make a different type of door decor.  She found a cute basket at the thrift shop and painted it white.  Next, Christy filled the basket with blooms, using the tulips from last year’s wreath along with nice branches and leaves to fill out the display.  A burlap bow finished off the arrangement, which is now hanging on Christy’s doors.  Lovely!


Watch how this spring door decor came together by visiting  Confessions of a Serial DIYer.

Twine Wrapped Vases for Valentine’s Day Decor

Here’s a pretty project for your Valentine’s Day Decor that Katie from View From the Fridge shared at Juggling Act Mama. Starting a new diet over the holidays that prohibited alcohol or any sugary drinks, Katie and her husband went through a lot of sparkling water. Looking at the pile of glass bottles she’d accumulated, Katie decided it was time for a craft project!


Gathering up a few glass water bottles and craft supplies, Katie got to work. She wrapped twine all the way around each bottle, attaching it with hot glue as she wrapped. Next, she made some cute rosettes from strips of dyed burlap and attached those to the bottles, as well. That’s it! Filled with flowers, “It’s an easy upcycle that can either go with your neutral decor (add all cream flowers instead), or can add a pop of color for Valentine’s Day, Easter, and eventually … Spring (yay)!” Katie suggests.


For more info on this cute project, click over to Juggling Act Mama.

Curbside Corkboard Upcycle

Don’t you love a good curbside find? Emily from Elizabeth Joan Designs spotted a discarded corkboard and says, “As soon as I saw this baby, I knew with the right makeover she would be perfect for my oldest son’s bedroom.” The final result is a “soaring” success!


Emily sanded and stained the frame, then added a protective finish. Burlap and metal pushpins create a clean slate and give it an antique look that perfectly matches her son’s “vintage airplane bedroom.” I love the way it looks next to this chalkboard–they are such a fun pair!

To read more and see Emily’s technique for attaching the burlap, visit Elizabeth Joan Designs.

Pretty Wood Slice Wreath

I love seeing things that people make from objects they’ve found in nature.  One of my current favorite trends along these lines is the use of wood slices to make natural looking decor items.  Here’s a gorgeous wreath that Laura of Finding Home put together using wood slices from a fallen birch branch.


For this project, Laura made sure the wood was sliced pretty thin, so that her pieces would be fairly light weight.  She glued the wood slices onto a circular wood wreath form, layering them so that the wreath could be dimensional.  To embellish the wreath, Laura tells us, “I used branches, dried flowers from the craft store and folds of wired burlap ribbon layered together and glued them to the front.”  It’s a beautiful wreath in soft, neutral tones that I think will transition easily from Fall to Winter decor.  Lovely!


Make sure you click over to Finding Home to get more information about this wreath.

Family Entryway Locker System

At Vintage Charm Restored, Lori really needed a way to corral her family’s belongings right where they go in and out:  the entryway.  The locker systems she spotted in catalogs were just too pricey, so Lori came up with a way to custom design a system, using completely repurposed supplies.cut-up-chairs

Some of the items that she used to put together her entryway storage included old chairs, salvaged doors, and leftover wood from other projects.  Lori painted and stained all the different finishes so that they would look more cohesive.  She added pretty cushions and a burlap ruffle around the bench to dress it up a bit.  Lori’s DIYed locker system really fits the style of her

Get all the details and a full tutorial on how this locker system was put together at Vintage Charm Restored.

Fall Wreath from Upcycled Materials

At The DIY Mommy, Christina made a pretty fall wreath using materials from her recycling bin and her scrap fabric stash.  “ It was a complete experiment, but I’m pleasantly surprised with how pretty it turned out to be,” Christina says.


Instead of an expensive foam wreath block, Christina cut a circle out of a cardboard box.  To make the wreath, she cut rectangles of kraft paper (from an old roll she had on hand) that she glued to the cardboard form.  Christina made rosettes from burlap to decorate the wreath, and tied it in place with more burlap and ribbons.  “I love how the wreath looks ruffly and full from the side, even though its base is just a flat ring made from a diaper box!” she says.  It really is a beautiful wreath.


See the full tutorial for this wreath at The DIY Mommy.

Vanity in the Garden

Linda from With a Blast says that this table used to be her daughter’s dressing table years ago, but has since spent it’s days out in the backyard.  “I used it as a stand for spray painting,” she confessed, until one day she reimagined it as a herb garden.

To spruce up the former table, she cleaned and spray painted it black.  Linda used empty ice cream containers wrapped in burlap as containers for the herb seedlings that she planted. She glued some inexpensive pieces of wall art together to decorate the table in place of a mirror.  A very pretty way to to grow herbs!


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