Free Cabinet Upgrade

At The Hardscrabble Home, Stephanie had a wall of cabinetry in her home that she decided needed a little somethin’-somethin’.  Out in her garage, there was a really old cabinet that she thought might be the ticket to her indoor cabinet upgrade.

The Hardscrabble Home cabinet before

Stephanie took the garage cabinet apart and had her husband handle the sawing.  They removed the dated tile countertop and backsplash from the indoor cabinet, and replaced them with wood and beadboard salvaged from the vintage cabinet.  Stephanie stained the reclaimed wood a rich, dark brown.  The effect is that the cabinetry has been transformed from builder stock to high-end custom….without paying a penny for it!

The Hardscrabble Home cabinet after

You can learn more about how Stephanie and her husband completed this makeover at The Hardscrabble Home.

Cabinet Upgrade for Less

Sara from Thrifty Treasures figured out a fantastic way to give builder grade cabinetry a custom-looking upgrade.  It started with these worn out old chairs with spindle legs that she acquired through Freecycle.

Thrifty Treasures broken chairs before

Sara says of the chairs, “I knew they were broken, but you can do lots with spindles, so I got them.”  She cut the feet off from the legs of the chairs and–here’s where I reveal that Sara is a genius–added them to the bottom of her kitchen cabinets to give them that fancy furniture look.  Sara says that she has enough spindles from those chairs to be able to add “feet” to all the cabinetry in her kitchens and bathrooms.  Awesome!

Thrifty Treasures broken chairs after

You can read more about Sara’s great idea at Thrifty Treasures.