Yard Trash Autumn Centerpiece

Jenna, blogger at SAS Interiors, was walking in her neighborhood one evening when she spotted a curbside piled high with branches, awaiting the morning trash pickup.  She added one particularly pretty branch to the red wagon her kids were riding home, and brought it home with them.

At home, Jenna used the branch as the foundation piece for a lovely centerpiece.  The addition of pretty tealights to the branch transform it into a  simple, yet sophisticated backdrop that can be updated and changed throughout the seasons and holidays.  I love the versatility of this–perfect with gourds for fall, and imagine the possibilities for Christmas and winter decor!

See the steps Jenna took to make this branch centerpiece at SAS Interiors.

Rustic Branch Screen

Marji from Ashbee Design wanted a way to hide the gas grill that was quite the eyesore when looking out from her dining room table. She was inspired by an idea from Pinterest to create a rustic screen out of branches.

branches for grill screen

Marji arranged some thin branches until she liked the layout and then attached them to leftover deck boards to create her screen. The natural look of the branches is perfect for Marji’s beautiful, wooded area and definitely detracts attention from the grill behind it.


Go to Ashbee Design to see how Marji made it.