Picture Proof Bottle Cap Magnets

Over at Mommy Is Coocoo, Amanda came up with a project to make use of those picture proofs the school sends home of her kids each year.  You know–the ones they use to encourage you to order more photos from school picture day?  Not only did she make use of the free photos, but she reused some bottle caps, too, so this project was really inexpensive.


Amanda saved up her metal bottle caps for a few weeks so that she could make these, but you can also purchase caps online.  She used a quarter to trace and cut around her boys’ faces from the proof sheet.  Then, she glued the photos in the bottle caps and covered them with epoxy resin.  A magnet glued onto the back of each bottle cap completed the project.  Cute!


Click over to Mommy Is Coocoo to get all the details on this project.

Cute Craft for Kids! Bottle Cap Spiders

Kelly is sharing a really cute, upcycled craft that’s perfect for working on with kids over at her blog Live, Laugh, Rowe.  Along with a few other basic arts/crafts supplies, the only thing you need to make these not-so-spooky spiders is a few bottle caps.

Black bottle caps

Black bottle caps are what Kelly recommends, but she points out that you shouldn’t search high and low for caps that are already black.  “Feel free to up-cycle beer or soda bottle caps by giving them a quick coat of black spray paint,” she says.  Kelly simply glued googly eyes to the top of the bottle caps and pipe cleaner legs to the bottom of the caps to create these sweet little spiders.  Kelly points out that along with being a fun craft, these bottle cap spiders make a whimsical addition to a tablescape.  Adorable!

Live Laugh Rowe bottle cap spiders

Get detailed instructions for making these bottle cap spiders at Live, Laugh, Rowe.

Bottle Cap Mobile

While browsing online I stumbled upon a neat repurpose for bottle caps from Pia Chaib on flickr. This is especially great if you are an avid drinker of beverages with metal bottle caps or know someone else who is and wouldn’t mind starting a stash for you.

metal bottle caps 

The caps make a cool, artsy mobile or wind chime when strung together. Of course, this is just decorative and not meant to be hung where babies or young children can touch it. All the pretty colors and patterns might entice them to grab hold!

bottle cap mobile

Check it out on flickr.