Dumpster Diving Produced This Gorgeous Bookshelf

“Do you know how THRILLING it is to find something decent in or around a dumpster?” asks Karen at Redoux Interiors.  She found this black bookshelf in a dumpster.  It was actually pretty good looking, but didn’t have any shelves.

Redoux Interiors dumpster found black shelf

To give this bookshelf a second chance, Karen started by giving it a thorough cleaning with TSP.  She cut four new shelves from MDF she already had on hand.  Karen removed the back and used spray adhesive to apply a pretty floral fabric to it.  She painted the bookshelf in the color Vermont Slate, from Cece Caldwell chalk paint, and sealed the entire piece in Cece Caldwell Endurance.  “I usually have a pretty good vision of how it will look when I am finished.  This time, the finished product looked so much better than I ever imagined,” Karen says.  It’s really beautiful!

Redoux Interiors gray shelf gray floral interior

Go to Redoux Interiors to see more pictures of this beautifully styled bookshelf makeover.

Bookshelf Makeover with Maps

Anna has been in the process of clearing out stuff she doesn’t need anymore, over at The View from Here.  This bookshelf was one of those things, but before she listed it on Craigslist, she decided to try painting with chalk paint.

The View from Here bookshelf before

“Since I knew I wasn’t keeping this, I decided to use only things I had on hand and not spend any money for this makeover,” Anna explains.  She used leftover white paint–that she mixed using a recipe for DIY chalk paint–to paint the bookshelf white.  She cut maps out of a vintage atlas and decoupaged them to the back of the bookshelf, for a touch of color and interest.  The finished shelf is beautiful, and I’m sure it will generate a lot of interest when Anna lists it.  (I’d be tempted to keep it!)

The View from Here bookshelf after

You can find out more about this makeover at The View from Here.

Fancy Carved Bookshelf Makeover

Over at That Thing I Made, Joanna picked up this worn out bookshelf for $20.  It was pretty hard to see past the ugly stained finish and particle board backing, but Joanna has a good imagination.

That Thing I Made bookshelf after That Thing I Made bookshelf before

A fresh coat of white paint and some vintage bookpages backing the shelves transformed this once ugly piece into quite a show stopper!  Getting rid of the wood grain really simplifies this piece so that the carved details don’t have so much competition.  I think the white paint allows those details to be the focal point, instead of the distracting stained wood.  It’s a lovely makeover that created a very useful space for Joanna to organize the supplies she uses to make all natural products.

That Thing I Made bookshelf after

You can learn more about how Joanna gave this bookshelf a new life at That Thing I Made.

Redoing a Bookshelf

A client brought Shanna of Restoration Redoux this Craigslist find and asked her to work a little magic on it.  It was dingy, dirty bookshelf that was in need of some TLC.

Shanna knew just how to fix it up.  Not only did she give it a fresh coat of paint, she dressed up the shelves with pretty, textured wallpaper in a bright shade of turquoise.  The combination of white and turquoise together is always a cheerful one, and that bright pop of color really makes this once dowdy bookshelf a real focal point.

You can learn more about the painting techniques Shanna used on this piece at Restoration Redoux.