From Book to Faux Capiz Mobile

Erin at Sugar Crumbs loves the look of fancy capiz chandeliers, but not the price tag. So after a bit of Pinspiration, she got crafty! Erin used an old yard sale book to create her own fabulous paper mobile.



First she used a hole punch to cut out “a million circles” from the pages of her book, then she sewed “a bajillion” strands of two different lengths. Although it took a while, Erin says the sewing “sounds way more daunting than it actually is.” A wire wreath form served as the base for hot-gluing all the strands.  She doesn’t have a ceiling light in her bedroom, so her new “faux chandelier” creates the perfect bit of drama!


For more information and tutorials, head over to Sugar Crumbs!

How to Age Books

It’s not hard to find free or deeply discounted used books.  They aren’t necessarily books you’d like to read…but Emily of Namely Originals has a great idea for fixing up those books to use in vignettes where an old book might come in handy.

Namely Original book before

Emily has figured out to make newer books, like this medical dictionary, look like they travelled across the Atlantic with your great-great-grandmother and have been passed down through the generations.  Using a combination of paint and techniques, Emily adds personality and history to the “junk” books that she finds.  This is a great idea to keep in your files for Halloween decor!

Namely Original book after

You can learn more about Emily’s faux aging techniques at Namely Originals.