Nail and String Cross Art

Kristi blogs at My Weekly Habit.  Years agao, her gandpap made this huge tower of drawers for storage in his garage workshop.  When he died, the drawers were passed along to Kristi’s husband.  They were full of all kinds of nails, washers, nuts, and bolts.  For this project, Kristi tried to incorporate as many of her grandpap’s old nails as she could.

nail-drawers - Copy

The project Kristi came up with was nail and string art in the shape of a cross.  She had a piece of wood ready to use as a canvas.  After creating the shape she desired, Kristi used a piece of paper with the cross shape drawn on it in tiny dots to show herself where to place the nails.  She used three shades of blue string, layering the colors as she wove them from nail to nail.  To finish the art, she painted the word “faith” across the bottom of her board canvas.  Lovely!

nail-string-cross - Copy

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Summertime Pallet Sign

Here’s another fun pallet project from Kristi of I Should Be Mopping the Floor.  It’s a colorful sign with a fun vintage feel, perfect for proclaiming a love of summer.


To make this sign, Kristi cut boards off of a pallet and nailed them together to form a rustic looking plaque.  She painted over the wood with gray chalk paint and then roughed it up a bit so it would look like an old, weathered sign.  For the lettering, Kristi cut stencils using her craft cutting machine, then filled in the stencils with summery colors of craft paint.  The final touch was sanding over the painted letters so they would look weathered, too.  What a great piece of summer decor!


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Perfect Picture Frames from Pallets

I am knee deep in a garage, mudroom and kitchen addition,” says Katie from Little House of Four.  “Each week we’ve had a few deliveries, which all resulted in pallets full of material being delivered to the house.”  She’s been using all that pallet wood to make useful and beautiful things for her home.  Her latest project is turning pallet wood into picture frames.


After pulling off several boards from one of the pallets, Katie cut them into equal lenghths.  She glued several boards onto a rectangular piece of thin luan board, then stained the boards. She purchased 8×10 pieces of plexiglass to protect her photos, then attached photos and plexiglass the stained wood with tabs that she cut out from leftover sheet metal.  What a unique and beautiful way to display photos!


Click over to Little House of Four to get a full tutorial on this project.

Reclaimed Wood Becomes a Beautiful Shelf

When Rachel was finishing her attic, she had a dilemma:  what to do with the odd space adjacent to her narrow attic stairwell?  She decided that a set of shelves would create visual interest while maintaining the open feeling the small space needed, and blogged about the project at Maison de Pax.


The wood for these shelves was free.  In fact, it came from a pile of cedar boards that Rachel and her husband found in the attic before they started finishing it.  They designed the shelves and fit all the pieces together themselves before painting most of them bright white.  The top of the bookshelf they actually stained with Rustoleum’s Kona, giving it a very dark wood tone to contrast with the whites around it.  Don’t you love the way this turned out?


Visit Maison de Pax to get more details on this shelf made from reclaimed lumber.

Pallet Headboard for a Nautical Bedroom

At The Thinking Closet, Lauren and her husband recently build a headboard out of wood harvested from old pallets.   They offer some great tips and tricks for anyone who wants to make anything from reclaimed pallet wood.


One of the first things that Lauren mentions is that since pallets are used for shipping large quantities of items, there are a lot of stores out there who have pallets piled up in back.  Most places will give you permission to take their pallets, and some will even pay you to take them away. She recommends using a Sawzall (reciprocating saw) to take the boards off of the pallets, especially if you need a lot of wood, and sanding down the boards until they are very smooth.  I’ve seen several pallet headboards, but this is the first one I’ve seen with a secret compartment!


Find out all about this pallet wood headboard and see the secret compartment at The Thinking Closet.

Hanging Storage from Upcycled Containers

Over at Make It and Love It, Ashley came up with a fantastic storage solution for her craft room.  Space in crafting areas is always at a premium, so her hanging storage from upcycled containers is genius!


For this project, Ashley used empty cleaning wipes containers that are shaped like cylinders.  After removing the labels, she cut the containers so that they could serve as open baskets with simple handles.  She cut and painted boards and attached knobs to them.  The baskets hang from the knobs, creating perfect storage on her wall.  Awesome!


Go to Make It and Love It for detailed instructions on making containers like these for your own home.

How to Avoid Seven Years of Bad Luck (Mirror Repair!)

“We haven’t had a move yet where we didn’t lose numerous items that were broken beyond repair during the move,” says Courtney at A Diamond in the Stuff.  In her most recent move, one of the casualties was this full length mirror.  Luckily, the glass didin’t break, just the cheap, plastic frame around it.


Instead of throwing this mirror out, Courtney decided to give it a second chance.  She had some 1×6 boards in the garage, leftover from another project.  They were just a little longer than the mirror, so she nailed them together and stained them to a dark ebony.  Courtney replaced the broken plastic frame around the with new wood trim, which she painted white.  The mirror is now attached to the stained boards, for a beautiful layered look.


Visit A Diamond in the Stuff to get more details on this revitalized mirror makeover.

Pallet Wall Art

Lindsey Jo from A Cup of Jo decided it was high time she started actually doing some of the many projects she’s pinned on Pinterest. She gathered some of her favorite pictures of wood signs made from boards and then snatched up a pallet from a construction site for her “canvas.”


After having the pallet cut, Lindsey Jo reconfigured it to make her sign and then painted on a pretty hymn lyric. It was the perfect solution for Lindsey Jo’s need for cheap décor for her guest bedroom. I mean who doesn’t love free custom artwork?

Pallet Art

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