Stenciled Cardboard Storage


Over at Stowand TellU, Amy is on a mission to create more storage in her home for less. One of her latest discoveries is that cardboard, when painted, can be decorative storage. She even figured out how to make her own lidded storage boxes!

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Chalkboard Succulent Planter


While trash-picking one day, Emily from Elizabeth Joan Designs found a couple bags cheap, ugly baskets and vases. She was pretty sure she could figure out some new uses for them, starting with this square glass vase.

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Updating a Ceiling Fan


Over at Seeking Lavender Lane, Deb decided there was no need to throw out the dated ceiling fan in her family room. Instead, she put her imagination to work to give it a new look.

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Rawr! Animal Print Card Table Makeover


Kim of Coastal Star Decor is lucky enough to have a spot at the beach for her RV. In need of some outdoor furniture for using on the deck space outside her RV, she was happy to find this card table in the trash.

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Vanity in the Garden


Linda from With a Blast says that this table used to be her daughter’s dressing table years ago, but has since spent it’s days out in the backyard.  “I used it as a stand for spray painting,” she confessed, until one day she reimagined it as a herb garden. To spruce up the former table, {…Read More…}

From Resting to Adventure: A Pillow to Backpack Transformation


Nicole from The Felted Fox had an exotic tribal print pillow that came all the way from India. She confesses, ” I loved the fabric, but I didn’t like the shape or size of the pillow.” After stuffing it away in storage for a few years, she pulled it out and decided to transform the pillow into something she’d love and use.

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Shopping Bag Art


Sometimes this blog is an excellent way to help me feel like I’m not the only crazy gal out there. For instance, I used to wonder if I was the only one who saved store shopping bags because the paper was so pretty. Well, I’m not! In fact, Anu at Nalle’s House fell so hard for a shopping bag that she turned it into art!

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Little Black Dress to Long Black Gloves


“I was looking around on Pinterest and found some great pictures of girls wearing long black gloves,” says Rachel of The Cwafty Blog. “I felt instantly that I needed a pair, for sophistication purposes.” Well, for this creative gal there was no reason to go shopping–just refashioning!

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