French Glam Dresser Makeover

Lori blogs at The Velvet Glove, and loves transforming furniture.  She found this chest of drawers behind a building.

Velvet Glove dresser before

It was in pretty bad shape, but Lori could see the possibilities.  She gave it a completely new look with a stained top, striped sides, and a stunning vintage French advertisement on the front.  Pretty rhinestone drawer pulls completed the makeover.

Velvet Glove dresser after

To learn Lori’s refinishing techniques and see the surprise inside the dresser drawers, click over to The Velevet Glove.

Glossy Black Dresser Makeover

Lizzie from The Overbrook says, “I rescued this dresser after seeing a curb alert on Craigslist. Right away, I knew it would be perfect for my boyfriend’s apartment, since he doesn’t have a lot of furniture.”

The Overbrook dresser before

Jennifer had her little sister help her with some basic repairs to the dresser before she gave it a new coat of glossy black paint.  She also switched out the boring wood knobs that were original to the dresser for something a little more decorative.  I like how Jennifer actually used a different set of knobs for the top two drawers, which definitely adds a lot of visual interest to this piece.

The Overbrook dresser after

You can read more about this dresser makeover at The Overbrook.