Feeling Green with Envy for this Potting Bench

Last year, Stacy of Vintage Scrap Shop saw a free piece of furniture on the curb in her neighborhood. She says, “At first glance it looked like nothing more than a pile of potential firewood but thankfully I managed to take a 2nd look & saw what appeared to be an old potting bench.” So what else could she do? She loaded it into her car and brought it home to give it a new life.

potting-benchThis run-down piece needed “a little wood glue, new screws & some fresh new paint” to freshen up. She went with a dark green paint for the bench. For the metal top and the grid shelf on the bottom, Stacy used a black spray paint that delivers a hand-hammered look. She also found a white plastic tub and a wire basket to fit perfectly into the empty sink slot. I’d be thrilled to have this beauty in my back yard, wouldn’t you?

green-painted-potting-bench To read more about this rescue (and to see the list of products she used) go to Vintage Scrap Shop.

Tufted Bench Beauty

I had to laugh when I read Abby’s awesome confession over at Just a Girl and Her Blog. Her dining room set has three chairs, but she has a family of four. So one of her sons “has always sat on an uncomfortable folding chair” at meal times. Ah . . . the joys of working with what you have! When her sister offered up an old bench, Abby knew it was time “to make my little guy a cushy bench to sit on instead!”


Abby had never tried tufting before. “This piece was so small, though, that I figured it would be a great piece to start on.” After painting the bottom of the bench white, she used a pegboard (genius!) to map out perfectly placed tufting spots. She used spray adhesive to attach a 2″ layer of poly foam over the pegboard (why hello, cushion!). She covered her buttons with fabric and then got to tufting! When she was finished, Abby used bolts in pre-drilled holes to attach the finished pegboard to the top of the bench. It turned out so well, her boys now fight over who gets to sit on it!

DIY-Tufted-BenchSee the complete instructions at Just a Girl and Her Blog.


Cheap Laminate into Gorgeous Storage Bench

Mindy blogs at  MyLove2Create, but she shared this nifty rescue at My Repurposed Life.  This beat-up, cheap laminate cabinet was a free find that Mindy picked up when she was picking up some other Craigslist freebies.


Initially Mindy wasn’t sure what to do with her find, but one day as she was considering how nice a bench would look in one part of her living room, inspiration struck!  Since the cabinet wasn’t much to look at as it was, she went to work transforming it.  Mindy turned the cabinet on its side and beefed it up with layers of trim and a fresh coat of paint.  She stained a board and attached it to the top for a seat, and added wheels to the bottom of the new bench for added functionality.  The new bench looks amazing!


Make sure you click over to My Repurposed Life to see a full tutorial for this project.

Pretty Settee from a Crib

I’ve featured quite a few projects here at Roadkill Rescue that involve cribs being turned into benches.  This one by Sara of Thrifty Treasures, however, takes this concept to a whole new level.  She transformed crib parts into a settee with some serious style credentials.


Inspired by the curved edges of a spare footboard that she had on hand, Sara decided that instead of building a traditional bench from her stranded crib and bed pieces, she would make an upholstered settee.  Paint, some pretty wood embellishments, and upholstery went into the makeover.  The results are lovely, don’t you think?


Head over to Thrifty Treasures to view the full tutorial for this project.

Cute Corner Bench from a Crib

“On one of our pickin’ trips we garbage picked two sides of a crib,” tells Karen at The Salvaged Boutique.  She thinks that at one time, the crib must have looked a lot like the crib pictured below, but at the time she found it, everything but those two sides were too broken to be salvaged.


Karen and her husband decided that the crib sides could be used to make a corner bench.  They cut apart the pieces so that they would fit together in a 90 degree angle.  They constructed a simple frame for the bench and built a seat from plywood.  Karen painted the new bench white and added an upholstered seat.  It’s adorable!


Visit the The Salvaged Boutique to learn more about the construction of this corner bench.

Rescued Table to Corner Bench Transformation

One lucky day, we spotted this solid wood dining table as a curbside freebie on our way home from work,” Trisha from Black and White Obsession tells us.  “As soon as I laid eyes on it I KNEW it would be the perfect piece to turn into a much more functional corner bench.”


“Armed with a some power tools, a few measurements, an old shoe shelf, some primer and paint and we got cracking,” she explains.  Trisha and her husband cut the dining table in half and reworked the two halves to make an l-shaped bench.  They added shelves for shoe storage underneath one end of the bench.  The corner bench got a fresh coat of white paint.  Now the former table fits perfectly in their entryway as a spot for removing shoes.  Shazam!


Feel free to click over to Black and White Obsession to get the details on this table to bench transformation.

Salvaged Chairs to Family Bench

Over at My Repurposed Life, Mindi of My Love 2 Create put together an amazing piece of furniture, using chairs that she found on the curb during her city’s spring clean up.  The chairs were in bad shape, with ugly upholstery and a broken spindle or two.


While Mindi could remedy the old upholstery, she realized there was not way to repair the spindles.  Instead, she removed both upholstery and spindles.  She used additional wood to frame the two chairs into a single bench.  She replaced the vertical spindles with horizontal boards.  Mindi painted the new bench bright blue before adding stained boards to make a seat for the bench.  What an incredible transformation!


To learn more about how Mindi turned two old chairs into a very nice, new bench, visit My Repurposed Life.

Family Entryway Locker System

At Vintage Charm Restored, Lori really needed a way to corral her family’s belongings right where they go in and out:  the entryway.  The locker systems she spotted in catalogs were just too pricey, so Lori came up with a way to custom design a system, using completely repurposed supplies.cut-up-chairs

Some of the items that she used to put together her entryway storage included old chairs, salvaged doors, and leftover wood from other projects.  Lori painted and stained all the different finishes so that they would look more cohesive.  She added pretty cushions and a burlap ruffle around the bench to dress it up a bit.  Lori’s DIYed locker system really fits the style of her home.family-locker-entryway-unit

Get all the details and a full tutorial on how this locker system was put together at Vintage Charm Restored.