Teal & Lime AV cart before

Trash to Treasure from Mom’s Basement

"So I was antiquing with my mom in Stillwater earlier this summer and an old AV cart with clear acrylic wheels caught my eye," Jackie tells us at Teal & Lime.  "My mom said, 'I have one like that in my basement.' She must have seen my eyes widen and my ears perk up, because then she said, 'Do you want it?'" Teal & Lime AV cart before
Becoming Fabulous bar cart before

Bar Cart Becomes an End Table

Tranae, who blogs at Becoming Fabulous, tells us, "Over the last two years a rusty old bar cart has been sitting on my patio.  It belonged to my grandmother so throwing it away wasn't an option.  Instead I decided to give it a little TLC and bring it back into the house." Becoming Fabulous bar cart before
Meredith & Gwyneth cart before

Beauty Bar Cart

Meredith & Gwyneth, the New Yorkie, is a blog about the adventures of a thrify gal and her cute dog in the big city.  One of Yorkie Gwyneth's talents is finding great trash for her owner, Meredith, to bring home for makeovers.  Take this little old bar cart, for instance, that the pair discovered alongside a dumpster while they were out on one of their walks.
computer cart to mini bar before

Rolling Mini Bar

Janel from Nellie Bellie got the computer cart when her husband dragged it home from the curb for her. She stared at it for awhile until the light bulb went off, and Janel knew just what the old cart was destined to become… computer cart to mini bar before