Rawr! It’s a Tiger Striped Bar Cart

Everyone except Jenna who passed by this metal cart on the curb saw it as another piece of junk.  Jenna, on the other hand, could see the potential it had to become a sexy bar cart.  If you need a fabulous rolling bar in time for your New Year’s Eve celebration, check out this rescue at Rain on a Tin Roof.

Rain on a Tin Roof bar cart before

“After sanding a few rusty spots and getting aluminum foil unstuck that had been there for no telling how long, I gave it a coat of primer, then a few coats of coral spray paint,” Jenna explains.  The next step was placing the tiger stripe stencil on the top shelf of the cart and filling it in with gold paint.  She used Royal Designs paint in Antique Gold, along with a dabbing brush made by the same brand.  Jenna used antique gold Rub ‘n Buff to spiff up the legs of the cart.  She styled it to the nines, and this cart is now ready to ring in the New Year!

Rain on a Tin Roof bar cart after

See more fun pictures of this tiger striped bar cart makeover at Rain on a Tin Roof.

This Project Gives Roadside Bar a Whole New Meaning

Chelsea from Pinterior Designer and her husband were driving along one day when she spotted the bar cart of her dreams in the most unlikely place: on the side of the road.  She screamed for him to stop, and–to make a long story short–the bar cart came home with them.

Pinterior Designs bar cart before

Using some silver metallic spray paint she already had, Chelsea painted the cart.  She and her husband reinforced the underside of one of the shelves and added a wine glass rack that had been sitting in their storage room, so the actual makeover was completely free!  Chelsea shopped the thrift store for pretty objects to use for styling the cart.  Isn’t it lovely?

Pinterior Designs bar cart after

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Summertime Bar Cart Makeover

When Deb of Lake Girl Paints spotted this bar cart on sale at the local thrift shop, she immediately knew it would make a great drink cart for her lakeside patio.  All it needed was a quick makeover.

Lake Girl Paints bar cart before

She started the transformation by adding a medium stain to the base of the cart.  Next, she worked magic with a paintbrush on the tabletop, creating stripes that looked like weathered wood.  The final touch of whimsy is lettering that spells “ice cold drinks.”  It’s perfect for outdoor entertaining during summers at the lake!

Lake Girl Paints bar cart after

See all of Deb’s painting techniques for this project at Lake Girl Paints.

Fabric-Lined Bar Cart

Hannah from Hannah Kate Flora was leaving a client’s apartment when she stumbled upon this little gem hidden behind mounds of trash bags. Hannah actually grabbed it up and started walking down the New York City street before hailing a cab and stuffing it inside. Now that’s commitment, Folks!

bar cart

Hannah covered up the bar cart’s original nastiness with some primer and glossy navy paint. Then she added some fabric to the shelves for a fun pop of color and design. I love the decorative siding on the cart. Talk about a rare find! Well, maybe not as much in New York City, but it sure would be in the Indiana suburbs!

bar cart after

Check it out at Hannah Kate Flora.