Outdoor Chair Makeover


“I almost missed these bamboo chairs as my dad and I went cruising past them one day. We quickly doubled back and snagged them and I am sure glad we did!” says Jess over at Bright Green Door.

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Tiki Bar from Old Wood Pallets


At Crafty in Crosby, the mom-and-daughter duo Leigh and Jeanette knew that their swimming pool–or as they call it, “Redneck Swimming Hole”–was missing something. They decided a tiki bar would make their swimming hole complete, but didn’t want to break the bank over it. And that’s where two old pallets come in to the story!

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Coasters from a Placemat

Bamboo Placemat

Hani blogs at Craftionary.  Recently, she figured out how to turn an old bamboo placemat into pretty bamboo coasters.  “This is the easiest DIY project ever!” she tells us.  “These coasters are great for indoor as well as outdoor use.  The quality of material used makes it easy to clean with just a wet wipe.”

Bamboo Placemat

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Lamp Makeover from Wine Corks

Madigan Made lamp before collage

A lot of reusing and recycling went into this lamp makeover by Shannon from Madigan Made.   It started with a lamp that she already had that wasn’t old, just a bit boring.  To give that lamp a little life, Shannon collected over 185 wine corks from friends, family, and even some local restaurants!

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Trellis Tiki Hut

old trellis

Why settle for lounging poolside in a couple of chairs with just an umbrella when you can have your very own tiki hut? It may sound like a Hawaiian dream, but Tammy from A Walk in the Countryside and her husband actually built a hut of their own from trellises they spotted behind a nursery.  {…Read More…}