Repainting a Canvas to Get Just the Right Artwork

At Satori Design for Living, Shauna has been working on giving her office a new look.  She wanted to hang some art, but wasn’t thrilled with the prices of the artwork she was seeing.  Remembering an old canvas she had in their storage unit, Shauna decided to remake it for the office.

Sartori Design canvas before

The canvas was just the right size for one of Shauna’s bare walls, but the picture on it was not the serene look she was going for in the office!  She felt free to cover it up with paint.  Shauna started with a natural linen color at the bottom of the canvas, and worked her way up blending in other soft colors.  “I love the subtle color it brings to the space,” she tells us.  “My husband titled it “Foggy Lake” and, although it may not be a true work of art, I’m happy with how it turned out considering the little time (and basically no money) I spent on it.”

Sartori Design canvas after

Get more details on this rescued canvas at Satori Design for Living.


Ombre Paint Chip Art

At The Lovely Cupboard, Heather has been working on redecorating her guest room.  One of the projects?  Getting some gorgeous artwork on the walls.  She found a piece of art at a flea market that had a lovely gold frame, but the matting and art were, um, not exactly the look Heather was going for in her guest room.

Lovely cupboard art before

Heather painted the matting and decided to replace the floral print with two things she’s enjoyed on Pinterest, lately:  paint chip art and ombre.  The paint chips were free, of course.  The finished art is completely gorgeous and looks like an expensive art print that Heather picked up at a swanky gallery, doesn’t it?  It’s a perfect complement to the rest of the room’s decor.

Lovely Cupboard art after

Heather has a terrific tutorial at The Lovely Cupboard so that you can make some paint chip art of your own.