Making Seashells Into Art

If you’ve ever come home from the beach with buckets full of seashells, then you can understand the dilemma of the beach comber:  you don’t want to throw away the shells you were so delighted to find, but what on earth can you do with all of them?  Well, lucky for you Kathy of Petticoat Junktion has an idea!


Kathy decided to turn her shell collection into art.  She used a weathered, reclaimed wood board as her canvas.  Next, Kathy used hot glue to attach some of her shells onto the board in a pretty floral shape.  A bit of rope glued beneath forms a stem and adds to the nautical feel of this piece.  It’s the perfect addition to her seashore themed vignette.


Visit Petticoat Junktion to read more about this seashell artwork.

Magazine Page to Art

At The Tender Garden, Alena shares an interesting and inexpensive art project.  It all begins with a thrifted frame and a copy of National Geographic.


To make this minimalist art piece, Alena painted the thrifted frame white.  While it was drying, she selected a photo from the magazine that appealed to her.  Once the frame was dry, Alena reassembled the frame with the photo she’d chosen.  She taped off part of the assembled frame and painted a portion of the frame a pretty shade of blue for a paint-dipped effect.  The result is a unique statement piece!


Get all the details on this artwork at The Tender Garden.

Adorable Art for Kids

Here’s a delightful little project from Meghan of Our Pinteresting Family.  She likes to use the squeezable pouch baby foods when she and the kids are on the go.  “They have the colorful twist-off tops on them, and I have been collecting them, hoping to use them for crafts,” Meghan tells us.


While her little ones were napping one day, inspiration struck.  Meghan had a few small canvases.  She used her craft cutting machine to cut some simple transportation-themed shapes out of colorful vinyl–trucks, trains, etc.  After applying each shape to a small canvas, Meghan glued the plastic baby-food lids onto the vehicles, in place of wheels.  This gave them an extra shot of color and a fun, 3-D effect.  The new art will go in the playroom at Meghan’s house.  I’m so impressed by her creativity!


Visit Our Pinteresting Family to get all the details on this cute upcycled art project.

House Love String Art

Rachel blogs at Fifty Two Weekends.  There, she found a way to update an out dated piece of wall art and create a fun new decorative piece for her home.


Of the dated piece of art she started with, Rachel says, “I had it stashed in our basement and came this close to tossing it several times but I’m so glad I didn’t!”  Covered with a few coats of white paint, the old art become a new canvas.  Rachel cut a template of a house out of posterboard, and used it to arrange nails on the canvas in a house shape.  Rachel pulled string around the nails to create a design with a heart shape in the center.  Cute!


Learn more about this string art at Fifty Two Weekends.

Art to Go

Naush blogs from Dubai at Doodle Buddies.  She’s found an inexpensive way to get canvas for her art projects, and recycle at the same time!  Since being eco-friendly is important to her, she rarely ever uses a canvas for her mixed media artwork that didn’t start out as something else, like this pizza box.


“I use the back of a pizza box [instead of canvas] and I love the texture it gives,” Naush explains.  She used acrylic paint and scrapbooking paper to create a work of art centered around a favorite quote.  Hard to believe this started out as take out, isn’t it?  Super cute art, Naush!


Click over to Doodle Buddies to learn more about this recycled mixed media artwork.

Outside Art from Old Gate

Over at Creatively Living, Katie wanted to add some statement art to the outside wall of her house, and she found the perfect source for free art material.  “Craigslist is full of free things every day!” Katie shares.  That’s where she found this old, free gate.


Katie painted the gate a bold orange, then built a flower box with old wood from Craigslist–free again.  After attaching the gate and flower box to her wall, she planted some pretty spring flowers.   What a clever idea!  I think this would make any house look a little more homey.


Find out how Katie attached the gate and flower box to her wall at Creatively Living.

Chicken Wire and Mason Jar Wall Garden

I spotted this nifty rescue project by Amber from Averie Lane over at Kleinworth & Co.  She came up with this idea for a garden wall using repurposed items when she was looking at a blank wall near her patio, one day.


Amber already had the chicken wire frame and had used the mason jars for a herb garden once, but they were currently empty.  She used some wire to wrap around the mason jars and attach them onto the chicken wire.  It was simple to put some dirt int the jars and plant a few colorful flowers in them.  The result is a blooming work of “art” on Amber’s blank patio wall!


Get more details on this project by visiting Kleinworth & Co.

Shopping Bag Art

Sometimes this blog is an excellent way to help me feel like I’m not the only crazy gal out there.  For instance, I used to wonder if I was the only one who saved store shopping bags because the paper was so pretty.  Well, I’m not!  In fact, Anu at Nalle’s House fell so hard for a shopping bag that she turned it into art!


Anu loved the rough black and white stripes on this Marimekko shopping bag.  Looking for some more art to add to one of her collages, Anu realized that the graphic print on this was the type of thing she had in mind.  The transformation was simple:  she cut out a rectangle from the shopping bag, and slipped it into a basic frame.  Free art!  Doesn’t it look awesome?


See how Anu made this art from a shopping bag at Nalle’s House.