Rustic Wood Angel Wing

Have you seen those gorgeous carved wood angel wings that are becoming a coveted decor trend?  Well, Deb of Lake Girl Paints figured out how to make one of her own using scraps of wood and fence pickets.

plywood, lath, fence pickets

Using a piece of plywood as a base, Deb layered the thinner pieces of wood over the top in several different patterns to create texture and visual interest.  The next part was where Deb’s talent as an artist really shone.  She painted the wood to give it a more weathered, rustic look.  She also hand-lettered part of a favorite verse onto the wing.  The addition of a rustic hinge really adds to the effect, making the wing seem like a piece of architectural salvage–just the look Deb was going for!

wooden angel wing

Visit Lake Girl Paints to find out more about this pretty angel’s wing.

Cute Wood Pumpkins from Architectural Salvage

Kathy of Petticoat Junktion picked up a box of these decorative wood square corners at a yard sale a while ago.  They are meant for adding to trim and molding for extra pizzazz.  She’s had them sitting around in her workshop, and finally figured out what to do with them.


This is such a great idea:  Kathy turned those little squares into pumpkins!  She painted the squares pumpkin orange.  Then Kathy glued some twigs to the top of each square, effectively giving her “pumpkins” some stems.  Next, she embellished them with ribbons and burlap.  Aren’t they the cutest little pumpkins?


Find out more about this project by visiting Petticoat Junktion.

Hall Tree from Scraps

Over at Thrifty Treasures, Sara decided to turn some leftover items in the garage into a useful drop spot (otherwise known as a hall tree) for her entryway.  She made use of old closet doors, trim, and other salvaged scraps.

closet doors scraps

The first thing Sara had to do was connect the closet doors to form a sturdy back for the new hall tree.  Then she attached a shelf in front, with curvy wood flourishes below (formerly the legs of a side table).  She finished it off with trim before painting the whole thing white and adding accessories like a mirror and hooks.  Now the piece is ready to stand duty near an entryway.

hall tree

You can learn more about this hall tree from salvaged materials at Thrifty Treasures.


Spindle Candlesticks (Say That 5 Times Fast!)

Laura from Finding Home is willing to admit that she has a few discreet stashes of items that she’s saving to use on future projects.  One of them would be these “Railings and spindles that were just waiting to reach their destiny as spindle and railing candlesticks,” she tells us.


To start this project, Laura used a chop saw to cut the spindles into the lengths she wanted.  She attached wood bases to each spindle, to keep them from toppling over.  She drilled a hold in the top of each spindle to make a spot for inserting candles.  Laura painted her new candlesticks a pretty shade of blue, and now they look great outside on her porch.


Visit Finding Home to view a full tutorial for these porch spindle candlesticks.

Another Use for Spindles

At Thrifty Treasures, Sara has an idea for using extra spindles.  If you’ve been saving spindles from old furniture, or have access to them from architectural salvage, this is a rescue that will interest you.


For this project, Sara sandwiches a spindle between a sturdy base and a decorative top.  This forms a sturdy stand, which Sara paints.  Next, she attaches small metal buckets to the spindle, using metallic one-hole straps from the hardware store.  She’s made a variety of these stands with buckets hanging from them, in different colors.  Sara suggests using them for things like an indoor herb garden, flowers, succulents, organizing q-tips, makeup brushes, crayons, or office supplies.


Find out more about this rescue by visiting Thrifty Treasures.

Genuine Barn Window Makes a Lovely Mirror

“I picked up an old window beside the road last spring, as I was driving my son to preschool on trash collection day,” Nina tells us at Everyday Enchanting. “It was propped up against the mailbox in front of an antique colonial farmhouse. Of course I had to pull over!”

Everyday Enchanting old barn window

Before she pulled away with her find, Nina realized that the window actually came from a barn being renovated on the property,  weathered gray barn wood and all.  Back at home,  she decided it needed to be an antique-style mirror. “I replaced the panes and transformed the glass with Krylon Looking Glass spray paint,” Nina explains.  “The mirror has found a home in my foyer with my spring decorations.”

Everyday Enchanting old barn window mirror panes

Visit Everyday Enchanting to find out how Nina turned the glass panes of this vintage window into mirrors.

Adore this Door for Kitchen Storage

Over at Simply Vintageous, Suzan really has a thing for old doors.  She loves turning them into new, fun decor for her home.  Her latest vintage door project found it’s new home in her kitchen.

Simply Vintageous old door

The color scheme in Suzan’s kitchen is gray, white, and black.  So when another old door came her way, Suzan decided to paint it to match the kitchen.  She used Paris Grey from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint mixed with Old White – half and half – dry brushed and Old White for trim of the door.  To add functionality to the door, Suzan attached various hooks and shelving, so that the old door could serve as rustic backdrop for pots, pans, serving ware, and collectibles in her kitchen.  Great idea!

Simply Vintageous old door for kitchen storage

Go to Simply Vintageous to learn more about this rescued door turned to kitchen display.

Vintage Door Becomes an Outdoor Drink Station

Over at Finding Home, Laura is excited to put her new outdoor living space to use well into the fall.  There was only on problem, she mentions, “Every time we had people over, I was bringing a folding card table out here for drinks.  Not only did it not look cute, but it was always an awkward height to serve from.”  A better looking drink station was required.

Finding Home antique door before

To create one that would look great on their screened porch, Laura and her husband took things in a rustic direction and repurposed a vintage door that they had on hand, along with a few other odds and ends–like old porch spindles.  The door served as a sturdy backing for some simple shelves and a few other handy accessories, like a hook for a dish towel, a bottle opener and a hook for a wine opener.  Laura says it all came together very easily.  It looks amazing, and so perfect for outdoor entertaining!

Finding Home antique door after

View the tutorial for this drink station made from an old door at Finding Home.