Printer’s Drawer Advent Calendar

Simply Chic Treasures printers drawer before

Cynthia of Simply Chic Treasures was lucky enough to come across a vintage pinter’s drawer at a yard sale, this summer.  From the moment she saw it, Cynthia knew exactly how she was going to be able to put her find to use for the Christmas season…

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Vintage Cabinet Update

Favorite Things cabinet before

The vintage cabinet came to Nicki at Favorite Things by way of her friend’s basement.  Even though the cabinet was in in really, really bad shape, Nicki was smitten.  She took it home, and began the long process of fixing it up.

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Antique Pew Chair Restored

My Repurposed Life pew chair

Gail’s friend had an antique chair that was taking up too much storage space in her garage and passed it on to Gail, hoping she could find a place for it somewhere else.  Gail, of My {Re}purposed Life, had a feeling that if the chair got a face lift it would be welcomed home with open arms.  She decided to surprise her friend with a makeover!

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