A Two-Tiered Transformation

At Refashionably Late, Ruthie went out in search of a free swing set that she’d seen advertised.  The swings were gone, but what she found instead was a woman in a hurry to unload a lot of stuff….with a garage full of furniture she was giving away for free!  Ruthie was delighted to discover a piece of furniture she’d been wanting for a while:  a tiered side table.


As she began sanding away the old finish, Ruthie noticed that one of the legs was broken and missing some wood.  She handled those repairs before spray painting the table with a happy shade of blue.  To give the table even more personality, she added a couple of pretty flowers with a stencil and some white paint.  The result is just what Ruthie wanted for her living room!


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From Off the Bed Onto the Walls

When Manda and her Mom refinished this gorgeous old bed frame, they ran into a little glitch:  modern day mattresses are a little bigger than the ones this bed was made for.  To solve that dilemma, they pulled out the old frame and slats and attached the headboard and footboard to a modern, metal frame.  Manda was left with some aged wood and shared the way she repurposed some of it at Lost in the Found.


To turn the side rail of the refinished bed into a shelf, Manda started by cutting it to the length she wanted.  While refinished the original bed, she had used paint to give the wood the soft, pleasing patina of old barn wood, so there was no need for any more painting or refinishing.  Manda already had some brackets on hand that she’d found at a garage sale, so it was easy to mount those on the wall and attach the side rail onto them, ready to serve as a shelf.  So pretty!


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Refreshing the Finish on Vintage Chairs

Over at Clockwork Interiors, Cynthia was looking for a few small projects she could work on.  She remembered her stash of chairs in the garage awaiting TLC, and decided that it was time to breathe a little life into a few of them.  “They are so comfortable, and I love the fact that they came out of someone’s work shop!” she says of this set of three handmade, vintage chairs.


For this refinishing project, Cynthia decided to try an oil-based product that she’d never used before.  She scuff sanded the chairs and simply wiped the stain onto the wood.  After letting the stain soak in for a while, she wiped away the excess.  “That’s it — easiest project yet — and what a difference it makes!” Cynthia exclaims.


Find out which staining product Cynthia used for this project at Clockwork Interiors.

Which Way Did This Dresser Makeover Go?

Well, it’s easy to figure that out, because this dresser is full of maps!  Karen from The Salvaged Boutique rescued this dresser from the curbside on garbage day.  Although it had sustained some minor damage, she knew that it could be repaired and restyled.


After repairing one dresser drawer, Karen applied a couple coats of chalk paint and distressed the paint a bit.  She lined the drawers and decoupaged street maps onto the sides of the drawers. “In order to save on hardware, which can get expensive, I decoupaged wooden knobs with street maps too!” Karen tells us.  I love that shade of turquoise!


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Vintage School Desk Gets Smart

“During one of my trash picking adventures last summer, I discovered this amazing vintage school desk sitting road side,” says Emily at Elizabeth Joan Designs.  Seeing beyond the peeling paint job, she could see the potential in this desk and took it home.


To refresh the look of this desk, Emily sanded down the desk, removing the worn paint.  She applied a dark stain.  For some extra flair, after the stain dried Emily taped off the bottom porstion of the legs and painted them white for the oh-so-popular paint-dipped look.  How adorable!  I’m completely smitten.


Visit Elizabeth Joan Designs to learn more about this desk makeover.

New Look for an Antique Wash Stand

At The Golden Sycamore, Allison and her husband found this old wash stand when they were cleaning out their basement.  Free furniture is always the best kind to experiment with, so Allison seized the opportunity to try using milk paint for the first time by giving this piece a little makeover.


At some point in its life, the wash stand had been given an update that unfortunately involved a poor application of stain, another reason that it was a good candidate for milk paint.  Allison chose a pretty gray-blue shade of milk paint to cover the old stain.  Milk paint is pretty unpredictable–it’s often hard to know how chippy it will become, and in this case it chipped quite a bit–but Allison likes the unique, weathered appearance.


There’s lots more to learn about this wash stand turned dresser over at The Golden Sycamore.

Storage Trunk Makeover

“My brother found this old trunk in his attic and wanted me to work my magic on it,” Bre begins her story.  “I wanted to keep most of the original character but it needed some updates as well.”  She shares the process at Brepurposed.


Bre took the project in hand and really accomplished her goal to maintain the trunk’s vintage loveliness while refreshing its look.  “Some fresh stain on the wood panels, mismatched leather belts and gold metal accents brought this guy back to life,” she explains.  “A fresh coat of paint and some fun wallpaper made the inside usable again. It was the perfect Christmas present for him!”


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Vintage Suitcase is Pretty in Pink

Over at Pretty Providence, Sarah has a collection of vintage suitcases down in her cellar, which she scored at yard sales over time.  One day she got brave enough to take on an old ugly suitcase and make it something beautiful.  Sarah wasn’t quite brave enough to take on a spooky cellar though, so her husband saved the day and brought up the suitcase.  That’s what husbands are for, am I right?


Sarah cleaned up the suitcase as best she could, then duct taped the gold hardware. She completely transformed the suitcase by spray painting it a beautiful pink. It’s hard to believe it’s the same suitcase, if you ask me!


Find out the brand and shade of spray paint Sarah used at Pretty Providence.