Advent Calendar Made from Repurposed Household Items

It’s not too late to have an advent calendar….especially one you can make yourself using things you probably already have at hand.  Check out this merry and bright Christmas advent calendar made by Jamie at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

Clothes Pins

For this project, inspiration began with clothespins.  Jamie had lots of them, and realized that she could dress them up with washi tape.  Once the colorful clothespins were ready, she placed twine across the front of a a picture frame, attaching the twine with hot glue to the back side of the frame.  Small treat bags were numbered and filled with a few sweet things, then pinned onto the twine with the colorful clothespins.  A sweet, simple advent calendar!

Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom advent calendar after

Get all the details and how-tos of this project from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

Printer’s Drawer Advent Calendar

Cynthia of Simply Chic Treasures was lucky enough to come across a vintage pinter’s drawer at a yard sale, this summer.  From the moment she saw it, Cynthia knew exactly how she was going to be able to put her find to use for the Christmas season…

…as an advent calendar!  All those little boxes and slots are perfect for creating a magical countdown to Christmas.  I like the way Cynthia let her advent calendar be a little random, without the numbers in order.  It’s a perfect match with the randomness of the shapes in the drawer itself.

You can learn more about how Cynthia made this printer’s drawer advent calendar at Simply Chic Treasures.

Baby Food Jar Advent Luminaries

Advent calendars have been a fun Christmas tradition for Taryn, of Design, Dining + Diapers, since she was a small child.  Now with children of her own, Taryn has plenty of baby food jars in need of recycling.  She’s put them to good use for counting down the days until Christmas.

Taryn etched numbers onto 25 jars and put tea lights into the baby food jars.  Now, a new candle can be lit each night before Christmas.  These petite luminaries make a darling advent calendar.  I love the symbolism and ambiance of candlelight at Christmas, and the cute little jars make this advent calendar absolutely adorable.

Taryn has a detailed tutorial for this project at Design, Dining + Diapers.