Trendy Travel Journal Made from Old Map

Lately at The Pin Junkie, Bonnie shares her preparations for her upcoming trip to Europe.  She thought it would be a good idea to bring a travel journal on her trip to write down notes while traveling.  Bonnie had an old map of Europe on hand and realized she could use it to make her own travel journal instead of buying one.


Bonnie started by making a cardboard cover for her regular paper notepad.  She taped it to the notebook with packing tape, then used rubber cement to adhere the map to the cardboard cover.  For a final touch, Bonnie added washi tape to the top of the notebook.  Gorgeous!  You’ll find me stowed away in your suitcase, Bonnie–maybe you better bring two cute travel journals on your trip to Europe!


For more details on making a travel journal from an old map, visit Bonnie at The Pin Junkie.

Little Black Dress to Long Black Gloves

I was looking around on Pinterest and found some great pictures of girls wearing long black gloves,” says Rachel of The Cwafty Blog.  “I felt instantly that I needed a pair, for sophistication purposes.”  Well, for this creative gal there was no reason to go shopping–just refashioning!


Rachel pulled an older, black dress out of her closet that she was willing to sacrifice in the name of elegance and sophistication.  She says this dress worked particularly well because it had a bit of stretch in the fabric.  Next, Rachel traced around her arm and hand to create a glove pattern.  She used her pattern to cut out the pieces she needed for her gloves, the simply sewed the pieces together.  The result were long black gloves that Audrey Hepburn would have been proud to own!


Click over to The Cwafty Blog to learn more about this project.

No-Sew Cuff Bracelet

At House Revivals, Amanda admits that while she’s been crushing on all the lovely cuff bracelets she’s seen others making, she didn’t want to have to sew anything to make one of her own.  Wanting a quick and easy project, she was excited to realize that the answer was an old shirt!

House Revivals cuff bracelet before

Amanda was able to tear off an edge of the shirt cuff and add pretty embellishments using fabric glue with beads and other textured fabrics.  Thanks to the buttons that were already attached to the original cuff, she didn’t have to sew a single stitch.  Smart!  I love the way this accessory turned out, and I’m sure she is going to love wearing it!

House Revivals cuff bracelet after

You can get more information on this project at House Revivals.

Soda Tab Belt

Ginger of Gingerly Made came up with a creative way to upcycle something you’d never expect into a cute accessory.  She figured out how to turn aluminum soda can tabs into a belt!

Gingerly Made soda tabs before

Ginger was able to crochet collected tabs together to form a belt.  I think the combination of the metal tabs and the gray yarn gives this belt a neat look, almost like chain mail.  It’s a fun statement piece!  Plus, I thought Ginger had a great idea for collecting the tabs–since her family doesn’t much soda, she put out the words on Facebook.  Way to help everyone be involved in an upcycling project, Ginger!

Gingerly Made soda tab belt

You can follow her tutorial to make a belt of your own at Gingerly Made.