DIY Netted Stone Friendship Bracelets

Daniela at Curly Made enjoys making friendship bracelets.  Here’s a acute version that she came up with.  She suggests upcycling some aquarium stones or using other pretty rocks you’ve collected, to keep the costs low.


To make these pretty bracelets, Daniela uses a clipboard to hold onto the waxed cotton cords.  She provides a video tutorial to show others how to wrap and knot the cords and fit the pretty stones inside of them.  The finished bracelets look really good layered together.  How stylish!


Visit Curly Made to get directions for making  your own netted stone bracelets.

Straw Hat Scores Sophisticated Shimmer

Viktoria blogs over at By Viktoria. She shared her excitement about this floppy straw hat she found by frequenting the Dollar Spot at Target. (Clearly Viktoria is a girl after my own heart!)


Although the hat was a great deal, Viktoria thought it needed a little something more to make it special. So she picked up some metallic gold fabric paint and added a wide stripe around the brim. Can you see the shimmer? Subtle, but oh so sophisticated!


Get the details on how Viktoria painted the hat brim at By Viktoria.

Blinged-Up Basic Sunglasses

“This craft was inspired by an item that I MUST have on a daily basis: SUNNIES,” shares April on her blog, Gingerbread.  Due to medical issues, April needs to wear sunglasses whenever she’s outside.  Needless to say, she goes through sunglasses pretty fast, which is why April was excited to discover that her dollar store sold sunglasses that were sturdy and had a trendy shape.


April snatched up a few pairs of sunnies and gave them a makeover using supplies she already had on hand: nail polish, mod podge, and tape.  The bright colored nail polish certainly blings up the boring sunglasses, don’t you agree?  Although April’s sunglasses were from the dollar store, the same technique could easily be used on a pair you already own.  I don’t think any of my sunnies are safe now that I know what a difference nail polish can make!


Visit April at Gingerbread to see how her other pairs of sunnies turned out!  Too cute!


Old Bangles to Colorful Summer Bracelets

At My Craftily Ever After, Ashley confesses her love/hate relationship with jewelry.  “I LOVE LOVE LOVE earrings…but when it comes to bracelets, necklaces, and even rings that aren’t my wedding ring…I just feel awkward.”  To prove her point, Ashley submits these silver bangle bracelets which she’d owned for a few years but rarely wore because the jangling noise they make bothered her.


Ashley decided she might wear her bangles more often if she could make them quieter.  So she raided her embroidery thread stash and found some cute neon colors.  Ashley wrapped the thread around the bracelets and knotted it off to finish them.  Now her bangles are not only quiet, they’re also colorful summer accessories!


Read Ashley’s detailed instructions on how to wrap the thread around the bracelets without leaving any gaps at My Craftily Ever After.

Whimsical Squirrel Pins from Scraps

Nicole from The Felted Fox shares a problem that many crafters will be familiar with.  “When I first started to sew, every piece of fabric seemed important.  After each project I would end up with a pile of scrap fabric that I just couldn’t bring myself to throw out,” she says.

felt fabric scraps

Recently, Nicole came up with a cute way to use up some of the small pieces of scrap felt that she’d stockpiled.  These adorable squirrel pins are made from white and gray felt fabric.  Nicole embroidered faces on them.  See the hearts that make up the ears and nose?  That makes them extra cute for Valentine’s Day!  After stuffing them for added dimension, Nicole attached safety pins to the back of these little squirrels to turn them into pins.  What a fun way to use up those scraps!

The Felted Fox scrap felt squirrel pins

Visit The Felted Fox to access Nicole’s free pattern so that you can turn your own scraps into squirrels.

Baseball Cuff Bracelets

I’m really loving all the cuff bracelets I’ve been seeing crafty people make, lately.  I’m super excited about the ones that Jennifer of The Magic Brush is making from old baseballs!


Jennifer has her husband cut the old baseballs apart, her kids play with the interesting insides, and she gets to add all the pretty stuff.  So far, Jennifer has added feathers, broaches, fabric flowers, and more to embellish these unique cuffs.  (Lots of great options for bling with the {styled} line of jewelry, by the way.)

The Magic Brush baseball bracelet

You can learn more about Jennifer’s baseball cuff bracelets at The Magic Brush.

Tote Bag Makeover

Here’s a super cute makeover from Amy Jo, who blogs at The Little Moments.  Amy Jo had one of those bags that gets handed out for free at business conferences.  You know the kind–they are practically indestructible, but unfortunately ugly.

LIttle Moments tote before

Obviously, that tote bag wasn’t going to make it out the front door on Amy Jo’s shoulder any time soon.  That is, until the day her husband discarded a green shirt, and Amy Jo realized that shirt could be upcycled into rows and rows of ruffles….to cover up an ugly tote bag!  Now she has a completely darling tote that she can carry anywhere with pride.

Little Moments tote after

You can learn more about this project at The Little Moments.

Lego Jewelry

At Doodle Craft, Natalie came up with a great way to turn Legos into jewelry.  If you have kids, you probably have Legos, and if you’ve stepped on one too many, this could potentially be a great way to repurpose the ones you find on the floor!

All it takes is the addition of jewelry jump rings to Lego blocks to make them accessory ready.  Natalie says from that point, you can put them on earrings or necklaces.  Too cute!  Legos come in so many shapes and colors, you could definitely have fun with this.  I think this could be a gift idea the kids could help with.

Hop on over to Doodle Craft to see Natalie’s tutorial.