From Doomed Dresser to Side Table

Jessica is sharing a fast and dirty side table project at Live Randomly Simple. While scoping out a soon-to-be-demolished house, she found an antique dresser with beautiful drawers that were “dingy, dirty, scratched and long forgotten about.” The drawers escaped the wrecking ball and came home with her.

antique-dresser-drawerA couple of weeks later, Jessica realized that her shabby chic bathroom would be the perfect spot to feature one of the drawers. She decided to create a side table to hold bathroom supplies. She fashioned table legs by cutting down support beams she’d salvaged from the house’s attic, then screwed them into place. In less than thirty minutes, Jessica became the proud owner of this rustic piece of awesome!

DIY-Drawer-Side-Table Check out her step-by-step instructions at Live Randomly Simple.


Think Pink! Accent Table

Today all of our rescues are PINK, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  (Click here to see this morning’s pink cup cozies.)  This sweet little table rescued by Jen at All Things New is perfectly pretty after it’s pink makeover.


Jen’s dad spotted the table in a trash pile and brought it to his daughter for a makeover.  Prepping it for painting was quite a workout–there was a coaster stuck to the top that had clearly been there for years!  Jen selected a pretty shade of pink for painting the table.  The finishing touch was spray painting the lower portion of the legs with metallic gold for a chic gold-dipped look.


Find out more about this pretty pink table at All Things New.

Delightful Tiered Table Makeover

“It isn’t often that I can actually pick up a piece of furniture on  the side of the road.  My car is just too darn small!” says Denise.  She was pretty excited when she spotted this little two-tiered table on the way home form work one day, because it fit in her car.  She took it home and blogged about the makeover at Denise….On a Whim.


The first step was removing the broken trim from around the edges of the tiers.  She decided the table needed more color, so that was the direction she took the makeover.  Denise painted the tabletops with coral chalk paint.  She mixed her own custom shade of blue chalk paint for the rest of the table, except the feet, which got a coral color-dipped effect.  Once the table was painted coral and blue, Denise decided something was missing, and added a darker red/coral stripe to the top tier of the table.  Now the table is colorful and whimsical, a perfect combination!


Hop on over to Denise….On a Whim for info on paint color and other techniques Denise used for this makeover.

Tree Stump Table

Julie of Redhead Can Decorate has no shortage of stumps in her wooded yard.  Inspired by one of the photos in her West Elm catalog, she decided to turn one of her elm stumps into furniture.


After searching the yard for the perfect stump, Julie’s husband hauled this one up to their driveway.  It was right for the job, since the bark had already been stripped.  Julie sprayed it down thoroughly with bug spray, then let it dry out in the sun for a week.  After brushing away all the dirt, her husband sanded it smooth.  Then, Julie coated it with polyurethane.  Once dry, they brought it indoors to serve as a stylish side table.  It looks so high-end, but it was completely free!


Visit Redhead Can Decorate to get all the details on this stump turned side table.  If you want to see the inspiration behind this trendy stump table, click over to Knock Off Decor.

A Rescued Rolling Cart with a West Elm Inspired Makeover

A few months ago I found a metal rolling cart in a garbage pile at work,” tells Kathy at The Salvaged Boutique.  Delighted with the possibilities of her find, she took it home for a makeover.


It was obvious that a few coats of paint would do wonders for this cart.  But Kathy wanted to take it a step further.  Inspired by West Elm’s Rubicon Rug, she decided to go with a geometric pattern on the cart.  She painted the cart’s legs gold and the shelves white, then taped off the Rubicon-esque diamond stripes on the top of shelf of the cart and painted those gold.  The result is an elegant transformation that open the door wide for using this cart as a mini bar, accent table, or kitchen accessory.  Beautiful!


Click over to The Salvaged Boutique to read all about this makeover.

Tea-Towel Inspired Table Makeover

April from House By Hoff has had this little wooden side table for a while.  When she was given a bundle of tea towels, recently, their pretty stripes and bright colors inspired her to recreate their style in a makeover for the little table.


Since she was painting with chalk paint, there was very little prep work for this piece.  She painted the table first with Vanilla Frosting by Country Chic paints.  After taping off stripes, April filled in with a bright yellow, Fresh Mustard.  A little light sanding was all it took to give the table the slightly distressed look that she wanted.  What a fun, cheerful new look!


Visit House By Hoff to get all the details on this makeover and to see more pictures.

Direct from the Dumpster: Accent Table Makeover

Here at Roadkill Rescue, we’re used to hearing about plenty of items that were saved from the trash.  We don’t often get to see them in the trash.  How fun is it that Laura from Laura Kelly Designs has pictures of this rescue in the dumpster before she dived for it?

Laura Kelly Designs table in dumpster

Laura couldn’t resist this curvy little table when she saw it at the top of a dumpster.  She carried it home, cleaned it off, and sprayed it with bubblegum pink spray paint.  She added black and white polka dot accents to the table for some whimsy.  Once it was dry, Laura sprayed the whole table with Krylon’s Glitter Blast Clear Sealer.  Now it’s a perfect match for her daughters’ bedroom!

Laura Kelly Designs pink black white polka dot table

Visit Laura Kelly Designs to find out more about this project.

Seeing Beyond the Ugly Paint Job to What Could Be

Over at The Salvaged Boutique, Karen explains that she was visiting a cousin when she discovered this table sitting on the curb a few houses down.  She was delighted to find that it was in great condition and made of solid wood.

The Salvaged Boutique table before

The paint job on this table, though….{shudder}.  Despite the tacky florals, Karen’s husband fell in love with the little table as soon as he saw it, and he was the one to execute her vision when it came to the makeover.  He primed the table, painted a base coat, and then taped off stripes.  Once taped, the tabletop got a coat of glossy black, so that when the tape came off, the contrasting stripes took center stage.  What a cute, new look this table is sporting, now!

The Salvaged Boutique table after

Get more details on this rescued table at The Salvaged Boutique.