From Doomed Dresser to Side Table

Jessica is sharing a fast and dirty side table project at Live Randomly Simple. While scoping out a soon-to-be-demolished house, she found an antique dresser with beautiful drawers that were "dingy, dirty, scratched and long forgotten about." The drawers escaped the wrecking ball and came home with her.
Comfy Crafter table before

Shabby Table Gets a Chic New Look

Mandy, The Comfy Crafter, was given this small table by a coworker.  "The top was heavily discolored," Mandy points out, "but it made a good enough plant table for a while. When we moved into our townhouse it worked better as an entry way table to catch mail and such things, but the top was UGLY. Cue makeover!" Comfy Crafter table before
table from trash

Clock Face Table

We all need those quickie projects to provide a little diversion from the longer, more tedious ones. This pedestal table that Karin from Art Is Beauty plucked from her neighbor’s trash was just the fun little undertaking she needed. table from trash