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Thank you so much for submitting a project to be featured on RoadKill Rescue!

By submitting here, you give RoadKill Rescue permission to promote your project on this website, to our email subscriber list, and social media sites including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc.  Also we may do minor editing on your photo such as brightening it or cropping it to fit the featured image gallery.

The following project types are eligible to be featured:

  • true roadkill rescues ( the results of your dumpster dives, and Sunday drives)
  • thrift store, flea market, or garage sale purchases (anything that was a ridiculously good price and was in need of a transformation)
  • hand me downs, or anything given to you for free
  • anything that you’ve crafted from recycled trash, scrap wood, or spare parts (my favorite kind of crafting)

We regret that not all submitted projects will be featured.

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