Art is Beauty dining set before

Beat Up Dining Set Goes Glam

At Art is Beauty, Karin got a call from a relative saying another relative was clearing out all the old furniture in his basement.  She scored a couple of good freebies, and she also got this dining set that had seen better days.  The table and chairs were in such bad shape that Karin didn't work on it right away. Art is Beauty dining set before
Kammy's Korner house before

Drawers Full of Flowers

Kammy completed a super fun upcycling project for her house this summer, and she blogged about it at Kammy's Korner.  This is definitely an idea to pin for use next spring, or to keep on file under "Things To Do With Extra Drawers."  She completely reimagined some old dresser drawers as garden window boxes! Kammy's Korner before collage
The Golden Sycamore mirror and pallet before

Pallet Wood + Pretty Frame = Pure Fall Goodness

Allison of The Golden Sycamore has had some pallets sitting in her driveway that she'd been meaning to repurpose.  "Since we also have lots of furniture and random accessories in our basement, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone," Allison tells us.  "I took this large mirror that we weren’t using and a pallet to create an art display for our living room." The Golden Sycamore mirror and pallet before