The Seasoned Homemaker mousepad before

Refabbing a Mouse Pad

If you are sitting at a desktop computer, take a look at your mouse's it looking?  A little dingy?  No need to be embarrassed, we've all been there!  In fact, Leslie, The Seasoned Homemaker, has figured out how to make those old mouse pads look like new. The Seasoned Homemaker mousepad before
The Bold Abode drawer before

Using an Extra Drawer to Create More Storage

Over at The Bold Abode, Gwen has been frustrated by the number of things piling up on her bathroom counter.  She needed something to help corral the chaos.  While more built in cabinetry is what she's dreaming of in the future, an old drawer that Gwen found gave her an idea for something she could manage in the here and now. The Bold Abode drawer after