Nicer Than New chair before

Impulse Shopping Inspires a Rescue

When Joan from Nicer Than New impulsively purchased a Silhouette craft cutting machine, she had to look around her house for something to transform using her new toy.  "I had a boring little oak chair sitting in my garage that was too low and too wide for the couple of desks I have already sold," she says.  "I decided this little lovely would be my test piece for a Silhouette printed stencil and paint project." Nicer Than New chair before
Vintage Sheets

Vintage Linens Make Pretty Napkins

At her blog Sugar Beans, Susan tells us that she's used to scoping thrift stores to find vintage linens.  "But last week, a sweet friend brought me a few pillowcases she found while cleaning out her linen closet. Big score for me {happy dance and clapping hands ensued}. I was able to use the fabric from ONE of the pillowcases to make 8 dinner napkins!" she exclaims. Vintage Sheets
Tattered & Inked Chalkboard Art before

Curbside Crib Becomes Fabulous Autumn Decor

One thing never ceases to amaze me about all the rescues I feature here, and that's the unbelievable amount of imagination my friends have when it comes to seeing possibilities in things others would pass by.  This lovely Autumn chalkboard sign by Kelsey at Tattered & Inked is a perfect example.  Would you believe it used to be a crib? Tattered & Inked Chalkboard Art before