Red Yardsticks

Using Yardsticks to Get Organized

Over at Lovely Little Life, Hannah's parents gave her some items to add to a recent garage sale.  "When I saw several bright red yardsticks in a pile of their "junk" I immediately snagged them for myself.  They were beautiful to me and I knew I could give them new life," she said. Red Yardsticks
Girl in the Garage dresser before

New Life for a Carved Dresser

It was a wrong turn that brought this dresser into Jen's (aka Girl In the Garage) life.  "On the side of the curb I saw this huge, sad, ugly dresser.  I cannot even imagine what kind of hideously 80′s bedroom decor this was once a part of," she laughs. Girl in the Garage dresser before
Thrifty and Chic cardboard tubes before

Toilet Paper for the Win: Recycled Art

Alicia from Thrifty and Chic has a small bathroom with decor that seemed a little ho-hum to her.  One day, an empty roll of toilet paper gave her decorating inspiration.  "I had this idea about having one of the walls in our guest bathroom be like a 3D wallpaper.  All it took was a couple of rolls of toilet paper...well, and some rolls of paper towels and wrapping paper....and a few other cardboard tubes." Thrifty and Chic cardboard tubes before
Becoming Martha yard sticks before

Measure of a Makeover: Yardsticks and a Serving Tray

At Becoming Martha, Sarah tells about the opportunity of a lifetime.  A friend got permission to go through an abandoned farmhouse and {legally} take away anything she wanted, and she invited Sarah to go with her.  "It was a little creepy at first," she confesses, "until we went inside and started digging through the dirt to find the gold." Becoming Martha yard sticks before