Namely Original bunkbed before

Bunk Bed Budget Redo

At Namely Original, Emily and her mom have been helping to put together the children's rooms in a new home.  The bunk beds that they owned had seen better days, and the owners were ready to send them to the dump.  Luckily, Emily's mom convinced them that they were worth trying to salvage. Namely Original bunkbed before
The 36th Avenue bench before

Quick Refresh of an Old Bench

"Hopefully this bench makeover inspires you to look at your own furniture with new eyes, and before you go out looking for a new piece, you consider giving what you have a new look," says Desiree from The 36th Avenue, referring to this wicker bench. The 36th Avenue bench before
House Revivals broken stool before

Learning a New Skill to Rescue a Sentimental Seat

This rescue by Amanda at House Revivals really touched my heart.  When Amanda's mother-in-law passed away unexpectedly, her children were tasked with going through all of her belongings.  By the time Amanda and her husband had arrived, this little stool had already been put in the dumpster.  "I had lovely memories of my mother-in-law sitting on that stool at the head of the picnic table in her kitchen at mealtime (when you have seven children, sometimes a picnic table is the only way to squeeze all the kids in)," Amanda explains.  She had her husband pull the stool out of the dumpster, and it went home with them. House Revivals broken stool before
Homeology file cabinet before

Heating Things Up in the Office with a Drab to Fab File Cabinet Makeover

When Sarah from Home-Ology started working on this office space, she had one issue that guided a lot of her design choices.  "Since we're not certain this space will be a permanent commitment, I want to begin with a low-budget version that we could easily upgrade or move, should we choose," she explains.  "A thrifted a pair of cabinets from my local Goodwill was the perfect solution." Homeology file cabinet before
Upcycle Addict mudroom bench before

Mudroom Bench Made from Reclaimed Objects

The little shelf sitting next to Sherry's back door just wasn't any fun to look at, she tells us over at Upcycle Addict.  After living with it for a while, she decided it was time to build something that would function as both storage and a place to sit down in the mudroom.  Instead of purchasing new materials, Sherry decided to use what she had on hand, and this old crib was a good starting point. Upcycle Addict mudroom bench before
Circusberry waste basket before

Making a Simple Wastebasket Look Fabulous

Anne from Circus Berry has been working on putting together a craft space in her basement.  Every crafter knows that it's good to have a waste basket handy for scraps, threads, and mess-ups.  But Anne didn't want just an ordinary garbage can--she wanted something extra fabulous that would look great with the rest of her decor. Circusberry waste basket before
Design Dining Diapers fall sign before

Rustic Fall Sign Made from Reclaimed Wood

At Design, Dining + Diapers, Taryn was putting together a pretty Autumn vignette.  "After having it almost complete I felt that it was lacking a statement piece, so I went into my garage to see what I had to work with," she says.  In the garage, a simple piece of stained wood caught Taryn's eye, and inspiration struck. Design Dining Diapers fall sign before