While They Snooze nightstand before

Think Pink: Trashed Nightstand Refabbed

At her blog, While They Snooze, Sarah has been working on transforming her daughter's bedroom from baby to big-girl style.  One of the problems that needed addressing was the lack of a nightstand.  "And, lucky for me... the neighbors were movin' on out and left this beauty at the curb. Score! Quite scratched but the perfect size," Sarah exclaims. While They Snooze nightstand before
DIY Beautify chair before

Chair Rescued Once, Then Again

Cindy blogs over at DIY Beautify.  She's got a double rescue to tell us about today.  One that started with Cindy dumpster diving for some chairs.  She says, "They were GROSS. Bad paint job with bad paint. Lots of drips and globs. And sticky. And the seat cushions?  Eeeek!"  After some TLC, Cindy got them to look like this... DIY Beautify chair after  
My Painted Stuff antique table before

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait to Paint

99% of the time here at Roadkill Rescue, the featured projects involve a fresh coat of paint to make them look good again.  And I'm all for that.  But I can definitely say that there are times when it's good to think before you paint, like in the case of this dining table that was picked up off the side of the road by Dee of My Painted Stuff. My Painted Stuff antique table before
Redhead Can Decorate tree stump before

Saved Stump Begins New Life as a Table

Julie has been working on a big redecorating project and blogging about it at Redhead Can Decorate.  She's giving her family room the look of a mountain lodge, and decided that she needed an ultra rustic accent table.  It wasn't hard to find the materials for this one, Julie explains, "We had to cut down a dead elm tree in our yard due to safety concerns." Redhead Can Decorate tree stump before