Rain on a Tin Roof cane chair before

Louis Cane Chair Gets a Facelift

Over at Rain on a Tin Roof, Jenna's friend knew how much Jenna wanted a chair with French country flair.  So when that friend came across this cane chair at a yard sale, she passed it right along to Jenna.  The chair was in pretty bad shape--as in, no to be used for sitting, bad--so it sat down in her basement for a while. Rain on a Tin Roof cane chair before
Vone Inspired vase before

Rescue Vase Pays Homage to the Canadian Penny

Vone blogs at Vone Inspired.  She tells us, "After we moved into our new place I noticed that our bookshelf needed something on it to fill the gap between it and the ceiling."  She started collecting vases and bottles to use for décor up there. "This big beautiful blue floral vase was left in the house by the previous people but the colour didn’t fit with our current decor." Vone Inspired vase before
Night Owl Corner play kitchen before

A Mini Kitchen Renovation

At Night Owl Corner, Linda explains, "My dad built this play kitchen for my sister and I when we were kids.  It's been up in the attic collecting dust for the past two decades until I decided to freshen it up for my own daughter. I told my Dad he did a great job building it but it needed a woman's touch in terms of color!" Night Owl Corner play kitchen before
Elizabeth Joan Designs bar stools before

Trashed Bar Stools Take a Number and Come Inside

Emily of Elizabeth Joan Designs tells us, "These stools were a curb find. I attempted to sell them at two different garage sales and there were no takers. After our last sale, I brought them into the house and my son loved being able to sit at the counter to “help” make dinner. Their original look didn’t match anything in our home, so I opted to give them a makeover to match our dining table." Elizabeth Joan Designs bar stools before