A Thrifter In Disguise schoolhouse chairs before

Schoolhouse Chair Update

Kristen, A Thrifter In Disguise, has had these cute little schoolhouse chairs sitting in her garage ever since she found them by a dumpster over a year ago.  There were 12 of these chairs, and when her next door neighbor brought by a garbage bag full of upholstery fabric samples, Kristen decided to start experimenting. A Thrifter In Disguise schoolhouse chairs before
Comfy Crafter table before

Shabby Table Gets a Chic New Look

Mandy, The Comfy Crafter, was given this small table by a coworker.  "The top was heavily discolored," Mandy points out, "but it made a good enough plant table for a while. When we moved into our townhouse it worked better as an entry way table to catch mail and such things, but the top was UGLY. Cue makeover!" Comfy Crafter table before