Cheap Full Length Mirror

Cheap Wall Mirror Gets a Fab New Look

Sarah from Pretty Providence tells us, "I was inspired to do this when the cheap full-length mirror that my husband bought back in his bachelor days literally fell apart."  The mirror itself wasn't broken, so she decided to try to build a newer, sturdier frame.  (The old mirror was similar to the one pictured, below.) Cheap Full Length Mirror
Finding Home antique door before

Vintage Door Becomes an Outdoor Drink Station

Over at Finding Home, Laura is excited to put her new outdoor living space to use well into the fall.  There was only on problem, she mentions, "Every time we had people over, I was bringing a folding card table out here for drinks.  Not only did it not look cute, but it was always an awkward height to serve from."  A better looking drink station was required. Finding Home antique door before
Bohemian Junktion

Industrial Spool Goes Back to School

Shannon blogs at Bohemian Junktion.  She's been busy helping her son get ready to to move into his first college apartment.  When he decided that a desk wasn't for him, they went looking around their place for a small table or something that could be used for housing his printer.  What they found was this wooden wire spool that Dad had brought home from work. Bohemian Junktion
Rain on a Tin Roof cane chair before

Louis Cane Chair Gets a Facelift

Over at Rain on a Tin Roof, Jenna's friend knew how much Jenna wanted a chair with French country flair.  So when that friend came across this cane chair at a yard sale, she passed it right along to Jenna.  The chair was in pretty bad shape--as in, no to be used for sitting, bad--so it sat down in her basement for a while. Rain on a Tin Roof cane chair before
Vone Inspired vase before

Rescue Vase Pays Homage to the Canadian Penny

Vone blogs at Vone Inspired.  She tells us, "After we moved into our new place I noticed that our bookshelf needed something on it to fill the gap between it and the ceiling."  She started collecting vases and bottles to use for décor up there. "This big beautiful blue floral vase was left in the house by the previous people but the colour didn’t fit with our current decor." Vone Inspired vase before