Old Jeans to Fashionable Skirt

Over at Mabey She Made It, Lisa had a pair of jeans that she wasn't getting much use out of, anymore. "They looked good on me, but the rise was just too low for me to be comfortable in," she tells us. Time for a refashion! (FYI, Lisa didn't have a before picture, so her jeans were similar to the ones pictured below.)

Tee to Skirt Refashion

Over at my other blog, Infarrantly Creative, I recently shared a tutorial for a fun refashion. I took scraps of fabric--including some that used to be t-shirts--and turned them into cute, comfy skirts for my little girl!

From Boring to Blue-tiful Patio Chair Update

Over at The Blue Eyed Dove, Erin decided that it was time to ditch the faded patio set in her backyard. She spotted a pretty pair of turquoise chairs at Target that she loved....until she saw the $110 price tag. That was when Erin realized that she could have the chairs she wanted at a fraction of the price if she simply refinished the ones she already had!

Adding Color to Dried Flowers

"A few weeks ago I was doing some yard work and noticed the flower pods on my crepe myrtles," says Vidya at What's Ur Home Story. They had such an interesting shape, and she realized that with a little color, the pods would look like clusters of flowers. It was worth a try!

Backyard Play Kitchen

Over at Boxy Colonial, Gretchen and her husband had the inspired idea to create an outdoor kitchen just for their kids. This was a recycling-heavy project that is going to provide many hours of fun for a very low cost!

Greetings From Your Junk Mail

If you have a mailbox, then chances are pretty high that you get junk mail. Left unchecked, all that junk mail can quickly stack up to an Everest-sized mountain. So it's with great pleasure that I announce to you that Heather at Happy Chippy Junk has a fun craft project that will help you get through the rest of the year.

Curbed Mid Century Mod Dresser Rescue

You know you are a hardcore Roadkill Rescuer when you can find a way to get a curbside find home along with your five kids and your own pregnant self! That was the case for Larissa of Prodigal Pieces when she spotted a gorgeous midcentury modern dresser up for grabs on the side of the road.