Father’s Day Printables


Need a last minute gift idea for Dad?  Shari’s Berrie’s Blog has a free printable for a Father’s Day Coupon book that is just too cute!  They’ve offered to share it with you.  All you need to do is head over there, print the coupons, and assemble it into a book as directed.  Enjoy!

Look What Came Out of a Cereal Box!


Remember when it was fun to be the one to finish off a box of cereal, because that meant you got to collect the prize? Well, cereal boxes these days don’t have prizes in them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get something from them. Case in point: what Karen from Flimsy Pi created from a couple cereal boxes pulled from her neighbor’s recycling bin.

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Turquoise and Brass Renew This Side Table


Bre blogs at Brepurposed. Before her friend Abby took this small table away to the Salvation Army, she offered it to Bre. ” Free = fabulous,” she laughs, “So of course I said yes!”

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Forgotten Mirrors Get a Style Upgrade


When April from House By Hoff spotted Pottery Barn’s rope mirrors, she was smitten. Imagine her delight when she rediscovered some circular mirrors down in her own basement, and realized she could make her own version of the Pottern Barn mirrors!

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From Baby to Big Kid: Fun Changing Table Transformation


Over at The Salvaged Boutique, Karen tells us that one of her friends sent her a picture of a kids’ play kitchen made from an old entertainment center, telling her that she hoped to have something like it for her daughter someday. So when Karen went trash pickin’ and found this broken changing table, she immediately thought of its potential to become a kitchen!

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Former Bricks Become Bookends


At Pudel-design, Lydia needed some bookends to keep her bookshelves looking neat, and to add a little color and design to them, as well. She realized that the bricks leftover from their driveway installation where just the right size and weight to be bookends.

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Silver Spoon Recipe Holders


Heidi from Muslin & Merlot was given a set of vintage, silver-plated utensils. “I’ve been taking them out, rubbing them with toothpaste and staring at them for almost a year, waiting for crafty inspiration,” she confesses. “Yesterday the recipe box was sitting next to the spoons. The light bulb turned on!”

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A Seafaring Craft for Kids


Over at Kids Activity Blog, Michelle came up with a fun craft for her kids. Most of the materials needed are probably ones you already have, and you’ll definitely have the most important one: an empty toilet paper tube.

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