Wicker Chair Refabbed


Over at My Weekly Habit, Kristi had a well-used, yet sturdy, old wicker chair. “We actually use it when I am out front with the kids or when one of us is waiting for someone to come,” Kristi says.

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Checkerboard Pattern Gives Deck a New Dimension


Nicki blogs over at Sweet Parrish Place. After having her husband power wash the deck for the summer season, Nicki decided it was still a little too ho-hum for her taste.

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Old Porch Gets Bold New Address Sign


At her blog, Balancing Home, Megan shares, “The very first thing I said when we put an offer in on our house was, that porch needs a makeover.” One reason the porch needed a makeover was the absence of visible address numbers.

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Old Planter Revived as Cute Picnic Caddy


Over at Clean and Scentsible, Jenn had an old planter on her porch that she had perked up with paint two years before. But recently, she noticed that her planter was no longer adding a pop of color to her porch, due to rainwater damage.

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Chipped Garden Pots Become Beautiful Planters


Christy blogs at Our Southern Home. When spring arrived this year, she noticed that many of her garden pots were looking pretty sad due to the original paint chipping and flaking away.

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Worn Patio Chairs to Stylish Blue Deck Furniture


Over at Creative Ramblings, Sarah’s deck needed a facelift for the summer. Since she had two sturdy plastic chairs in need of a little love, Sarah freshened them up to give her deck the perfect touch.

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Pretty Tin Can Vertical Planter


Add Grow Creative, Elise decided that while she wanted additional planters to add foliage and color to her deck, she didn’t need them to cost a lot of money or take up a lot of floor space. The solution? A vertical planter made from recycled materials.

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Vanity in the Garden


Linda from With a Blast says that this table used to be her daughter’s dressing table years ago, but has since spent it’s days out in the backyard.  “I used it as a stand for spray painting,” she confessed, until one day she reimagined it as a herb garden. To spruce up the former table, {…Read More…}