Dowdy Dresser Gets Some Mission Style


“When a friend mentioned she was trashing her old college dresser, I knew we could make it over so you would never know it was the same piece,” says Carissa confidently on her blog, Carissa Miss.

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Reclaimed Wood and Faucet Coat Rack


I have such an adorable project to show you, today! Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow saw a faucet coat rack being sold online, but when she tried to purchase it was no longer available. Instead, she made her own, using a former piece of fence wood and some old outdoor faucet handles.

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Dresser Refresher

wardrobe dresser

At her blog, I Dig Pinterest, Christine shared a fun makeover. This dresser had been on her to-do list for a while, so as soon as the weather got better, she went to work giving it a new look.

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Restoring Faded Cushions on the Cheap


Sarah from Homeology was excited to update her outdoor spaces this year. Unfortunately, an unanticipated air conditioner replacement put a big dent in her budget. Sarah was forced to put some of her updates on the backburner and cut corners on the others. She was able to have her gorgeous mid century modern deck chairs professionally refinished, but really didn’t want to put faded cushions on such pretty chairs.

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Two Tone Saddle Stool Makeover


At her blog, Counting Willows, Michelle had four of these red saddle stools. “They were everywhere for a while, and for good reason,” she points out. “They are inexpensive, don’t take up much space and you can put them just about anywhere.”

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Garage Organization Inspired this Side Table

garage door with plated slotted angles

“I’ve been cleaning the garage and putting things where they belong, so this project was born out of that, organization!” confesses Cristina at Remodelando la Casa. She had a pile of wine crates and some parts from an old garage door that she decided to get out of the garage and into her house…as furniture!

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Weathered Bench Container Garden


Shauna from Sartori Design for Living originally found this bench in an old shed at her parents’ home. She decided to give it new life as part of a container garden in her own yard.

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Update for a Favorite Dresser


When this dresser fell into Rachel’s hands, it had come straight from her grandmother’s attic, painted a brilliant color of orange. Rachel painted with a much more subdued shade of grass green, and it’s been that way for several years now, she explains at Maison de Pax.

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