Meredith & Gwyneth trunk before

DIY Union Jack Trunk

Time to check in with Meredith & Gwyneth, the New Yorkie.  They've been working on a fun project for their New York apartment that started out with discovering Meredith's old footlocker trunk in the atti, last week. Meredith & Gwyneth trunk before
The View From In Here map chairs before

DIY Map Chairs

"Vintage maps have been a theme of mine this year," says Betsy of The View From In Here.  So, when her oldest son was moving into a place of his own and needed some furniture, Betsy knew just how to transform her old dining room set for the bachelor pad. The View From In Here map chairs before
Naturally Nesters

Headboard Makeover with Tufted Fabric

When Brittany and her husband got new bedding for Christmas, they were inspired to start a master bedroom makeover, which they tell about at Naturally Nesters.  One of the focal points of their bedroom's new look involved the transformation of their existing mission-style headboard. Naturally Nesters
Making Lemonade breakfast tray before

DIY Faux Bois Breakfast Tray

Carrie blogs at Making Lemonade.  I could totally relate to her description of the item that started this makeover.  "Enter this generic breakfast tray that we’ve had for at least a decade," Carrie begins, "the type you get at Bed Bath & Beyond in the hopes that life will be filled with breakfasts in bed and lazy Sunday mornings.  Then the reality hits and you find your 2-year-old using it as a surfboard down the deck stairs.  HYPOTHETICALLY."

Making Lemonade breakfast tray before

Sunset Coast jewelry box before

Colorful Jewelry Box Makeover

At Sunset Coast, Cindy tells us, "I've been seeing those great painted dressers lately in many different colors all over the bloggyland.  A few have been in a mustard shade that I have been wanting to try out on something. I can't possibly lug one of those big bureaus home by myself, but I can get the look with this miniature version, a  musical jewelry box." Sunset Coast jewelry box before
Redoux Interiors numbered dresser before

Anthro Inspired Dresser Makeover

Karen of Redoux saw this dresser on the side of the road.  She wasn't the first person to see it there, she explains, "I actually saw a truck in front of me slow down, stop to look at it, then move on to find better curbside shopping goodies.  Their loss, my gain!"  The dresser had a unique design that resembled cottage shingles, Karen thought. Redoux Interiors numbered dresser before
Dee Constructed painted bench before

Colorful Bench for the Porch

Over at Dee Constructed, Dee was at a friend's home when she spotted this bench in a corner of the garage.  The bench was unloved and unwanted, covered in dust and cobwebs.  When Dee exclaimed over it, her friend was more than happy to load it into the back of Dee's car to go home with her. Dee Constructed painted bench before
Happy Healthy & Domestic toy cabinet before

Junk Cabinet to Toy Cabinet

When Alex of Happy, Healthy, & Domestic moved into her home, the previous owner left a lot of stuff behind.  "Some of it trash, other stuff was trash waiting for someone to see it’s true potential," Alex points out. "This cabinet was left in the garage." Happy Healthy & Domestic toy cabinet before