Stained Wood Ceiling

tongue and groove wall boards

Before tearing down the main house on their property The Inspired Housewife Dianne and her hubs, Mr. Amazing, salvaged all the tongue and groove boards from the walls. Dianne had been crushing on wood ceilings and knew the boards would be a beautiful addition to the covered porch on her newly constructed home. Dianne and {…Read More…}

Shutter Bathroom Countertop

vintage house shutters to countertop

After painting the cabinets in her master bathroom, Tracie from Cleverly Inspired couldn’t look past the now “blah” countertop. She was dabbling with the idea of reclaimed hardwood when she found some old house shutters at a salvage sale for $15. The lovely layers of chippy paint were just what Tracie needed to add some {…Read More…}

Reclaimed Fence Wood Planter

windows and more[3]

Gail from My Repurposed Life brought home a sweet little stash of goodies after visiting her daughter and son-in-law in Nashville. Shutters, windows, fence posts… Ooolala! When entrusted to sustain some succulents until she could get them to her daughter, Gail turned to those old fence posts to create a rustic planter. She even repurposed {…Read More…}

Shutter Slat Beverage Tags

shutter slat beverage tags

Gail from My Repurposed Life had some slats leftover after upcycling a shutter into a magazine rack. Luckily, she held onto those bad boys because they were the perfect width to be turned into Ballard-inspired beverage tags. Gail had enough slats to make four different sets of beverage tags. From chalkboard to stenciled to stained, {…Read More…}

Kids Play Teepee

dress to teepee

Sheri from Awesome Sauce & Asshattery had a full skirted maxi dress in the back of her closet that rarely saw the light of day. Shari says, “It fits me like a tent anyway so why not just let it become one.” Literally! Sheri turned her barely worn dress into a quick and simple tot {…Read More…}

Train Activity Table

side tables to train table

My son got a train table that his Pawpaw built a few years back that he’s had a blast playing on over the years. Heidi from Honeybear Lane shares how you can make your kiddos an adorable train table even if they don’t have a Pawpaw who is a skilled woodworker {giggle}. You will just {…Read More…}

Painted Bicycle

painted bicycle before

After having many calamities strike her well-loved bicycle, Sara from Uncommon Flock decided it needed a pick-me-up with a fresh coat of paint. Unfortunately, dismantling and reassembling a bike was not in her repertoire of skills. Instead, Sara found a way to get the paint job done without any tools – or stress! Just take a look {…Read More…}

Trellis Tiki Hut

old trellis

Why settle for lounging poolside in a couple of chairs with just an umbrella when you can have your very own tiki hut? It may sound like a Hawaiian dream, but Tammy from A Walk in the Countryside and her husband actually built a hut of their own from trellises they spotted behind a nursery.  {…Read More…}