Change Starts with One! Let’s Be Radical!

The last two days the focus has been on a quote “Believe there is good in the world,” but a major emphasis on “be the good.”  Well today I am giving you a chance to Be the Good in this world with an awesome initiative that our family is embracing for this Easter holiday.  Let me tell you about this passion project! change-starts-with-one
Lovely Etc. push car before

Old Ride Gets a New Vibe

Have you ever got a space decorated just so, and then the realities of life take over--which for many of us include multi-colored plastic toys.  Carrie from Lovely Etc. knows what I'm talking about.  She was thrilled to find a little push car that her small son would love, but tells us there was just one small problem: it was ugly.  "I am not delusional enough to think my thirteen month old could care less whether his toys are cute or not," she laughs, "but I know this thing is going to be hanging around our family room for many months." Lovely Etc. push car before
The Learner Observer craft fail before washi tape

Craft Fail Becomes Craft Success with Washi Tape

We all have them:  projects that somewhere along the line of executing our vision just seem to fall short.  That was the case with this moleskin notebook that Thalita from The Learner Observer was working on.  She assumed that she could dress up the plain black notebook with stripes from a permanent gold marker.  Well, the stripes bled underneath the tape Thalita was using, and she was left with a hot mess. The Learner Observer craft fail before washi tape
Homeology file cabinet before

Heating Things Up in the Office with a Drab to Fab File Cabinet Makeover

When Sarah from Home-Ology started working on this office space, she had one issue that guided a lot of her design choices.  "Since we're not certain this space will be a permanent commitment, I want to begin with a low-budget version that we could easily upgrade or move, should we choose," she explains.  "A thrifted a pair of cabinets from my local Goodwill was the perfect solution." Homeology file cabinet before