Red Yardsticks

Using Yardsticks to Get Organized

Over at Lovely Little Life, Hannah's parents gave her some items to add to a recent garage sale.  "When I saw several bright red yardsticks in a pile of their "junk" I immediately snagged them for myself.  They were beautiful to me and I knew I could give them new life," she said. Red Yardsticks
giggleberry creations before

TV Cabinet to Play Kitchen

Once upon a time, Amy from Giggleberry Creations stumbled across a blog featuring a TV cabinet that was repurposed into a play kitchen.  She loved the idea and sent the link on to her mom and sisters but later forgot about it.  But at her two-year-old daughter's birthday party, Amy's mom and dad surprised everyone with an exciting gift! giggleberry creations before
redhead can decorate before

Crib Mattress Spring Turned American Flag

At Redhead Can Decorate, the 1969 crib Julie and her siblings slept in as babies had been sitting in her attic, not meeting safety requirements for use, but waiting, dreaming of the day Julie would repurpose it into...wait for American flag!  And it gets better, because the transformation was fast and easy! redhead can decorate before
21 rosemary lane before

Pretzel Container to Nautical Vase

Over at 21 Rosemary Lane, Barbara has been looking for ways to decorate her back patio without using glass.  Since the patio floor is concrete, glass decor is an accident waiting to happen.  Inspiration for a nautical vase came from an unlikely source, as Barbara shares, "Last week the kids and Chris polished off one of those big containers of pretzels, but I wouldn't let them toss out the actual container...I had an idea." 21 rosemary lane before