Our House spool before

Wooden Spool Gets a Book Loving Redo

At Our House, Now a Home, Emily shares a terrific rescue project.  "I got this spool as a freebie when I was picking up some chairs from a craigslist post," she explains.  "It was going to be thrown out"  Emily had a feeling that she could turn it into something amazing, so she brought it home and did just that! Our House spool before
Dew Drop Gables telephone table before

A Phone Table Update

At Dewdrop Gables, friends who know about Debbie's penchant for old furniture passed this old telephone table along to her.  "This poor, dog-chewed phone table, was a mess!" she laments.  "Aside from the damage by their dog, it was rickety and had ugly fabric on the seat." Dew Drop Gables telephone table before