Coffee Table Redo

Lolly Jane coffee table before

At Lolly Jane, Kelli reveals that all her neighbors know just how much she loves “junk”.  They call her when they have stuff to get rid of, and that’s how Kelli acquired this heavy-duty coffee table top.

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Hall Tree from Scraps

closet doors scraps

Over at Thrifty Treasures, Sara decided to turn some leftover items in the garage into a useful drop spot (otherwise known as a hall tree) for her entryway. She made use of old closet doors, trim, and other salvaged scraps.

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Playing, Planting, and Repurposing


Over at Remodelando la Casa, Cristina explains that after years of fun, the playscape in their backyard was a little worse for the wear. It was time to take down the weatherbeaten wood structure, but Cristina had something in mind for the leftover wood.

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A Rescued Rolling Cart with a West Elm Inspired Makeover


“A few months ago I found a metal rolling cart in a garbage pile at work,” tells Kathy at The Salvaged Boutique. Delighted with the possibilities of her find, she took it home for a makeover.

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Anthropologie Inspired Desk Organizer


When Katie of View From the Fridge spotted a pretty, gold desk caddy at Anthropologie, she was pretty sure she could DIY something very similar. At home, she discovered that she had several canisters in almost all of the sizes she needed. A trip to Goodwill produced a couple more, and she was off and running.

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Faux Aged Wine Crates


On the hunt for some wine crates to use for storage and decor, Dee from Meatloaf and Melodrama thought to ask a few local merchants. These were just going to be thrown out by one of the big box stores, so they were more than happy to pass them along to Dee for free!

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Using a Sandwich Box to Organize Your Socks


“When I saw a plastic sandwich box that was just the right size for my sock drawer, I knew it was time to organize socks in my daughter’s sock drawer,” says Susan at Organized 31.

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From Deck to Laundry Room: DIY Furniture


Mindy blogs at My Love 2 Create. She recently completed a project using salvaged wood to help her sister with some laundry room organization.

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