how joyful before

Office Chair Makeover

Over at How Joyful, Joy had an office chair that was pretty beat up, and she didn't like the dark leather look of it.  But the chair was still so comfortable to sit in that she decided to give it another chance before throwing it out. how joyful before
savvy young something before

Moroccan Stenciled Desk Makeover

At Savvy Young Something, Sarah bought a solid wood white desk on Craigslist shortly after moving into a new house.  She admitted that the desk needed a lot of work, but sat in her basement for about five months.  I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to let projects sit on the back burner sometimes! savvy young something before
twin dragonfly designs before

Herringbone Table Makeover

"We've had this table for years!  It's been through messy toddlers times two, who have recently moved on to creative art expression with markers.  And being that we had pretty much scrubbed the finish right off of the table, drawings had become ingrained in the wood," confesses Heather of Twin Dragonfly Designs. twin dragonfly designs before
My Poppet cross stitch chair before

Cross-Stitched Cane Chair

"I found this beautiful hand woven cane web chair on the side of the road," says Cintia from My Poppet, noting, "It was nice and solid but a little weathered."  It was also a little ho-hum, which Cintia set out to change with this makeover. My Poppet cross stitch chair before