Update for a Favorite Dresser

When this dresser fell into Rachel's hands, it had come straight from her grandmother's attic, painted a brilliant color of orange. Rachel painted with a much more subdued shade of grass green, and it's been that way for several years now, she explains at Maison de Pax.

Curbed Mid Century Mod Dresser Rescue

You know you are a hardcore Roadkill Rescuer when you can find a way to get a curbside find home along with your five kids and your own pregnant self! That was the case for Larissa of Prodigal Pieces when she spotted a gorgeous midcentury modern dresser up for grabs on the side of the road.

From Pine to Shine

When Amanda from Mommy is Coocoo inherited her parents old bedroom set, she did so with mixed feelings. It was solid wood and in fantastic shape. But that wood was pine with a shiny varnish, and that was a look Amanda wasn't crazy about. Makeover time!

Craft Room Storage Gets Restyled

When Michelle from Delicate Construction first installed these dressers in her craft room, she was more concerned about their storage capacity than they way they looked.  Originally simple wood dressers from Ikea, Michelle had painted them white and called it a day. plain-white-dresser

Second Chance to Shine Dresser

Over at McCall Manor, Holly's mom gave a junky dresser a second chance.  The dresser was a second hand find of thirty years ago that had served in a boy's room and eventually made it's way out to sit in the garage to be a catch-all for lawn supplies and tools. junky-dresser

Gang Tagged Dresser Gets a New Look

Well, I have to say, I think this is the first gang-related rescue I've ever featured.  Ha!  Candice of The ReFab Diaries found this gang-tagged dresser outside her Chicago apartment building.  In need of an inexpensive storage solution for the craft room she was making, she brought it in from off the street. ugly-dresser-gang-tagged
Creatively Living simple dresser

Hand Me Down Dresser Gets a Two Tone Makeover

When Katie of Creatively Living moved into a new home, her mother in law gifted her with several older dressers.  One day, Katie realized that one of those dressers would fit perfectly in her entryway, providing a good storage spot for gloves, hats, etc.  It just needed some sprucing up to be worthy of being the first thing people saw when they opened the door. Creatively Living simple dresser
Two Wongs Make a Right dresser before

Dresser Gets a Whole New Use–and Look!

Over at Two Wongs Make a Right, Rachel had been scouring the classifieds for an affordable combination dresser/changing table for the nursery.  Unfortunately, nothing had appeared that met her needs.  One day, a co-worker that was listening sympathetically offered up a dresser that she was trying to get rid of. Two Wongs Make a Right dresser before