Party Lights with Faux Beach Glass


“We have a big graduation party coming up this month and I wanted to make outdoor lanterns to decorate the tables and provide a little ambiance,” says Susan at Organized 31. Luckily she has an extensive collection of glass bottles, all ready to recyle.

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Reclaimed Wood and Faucet Coat Rack


I have such an adorable project to show you, today! Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow saw a faucet coat rack being sold online, but when she tried to purchase it was no longer available. Instead, she made her own, using a former piece of fence wood and some old outdoor faucet handles.

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Spindle Candlesticks (Say That 5 Times Fast!)


Laura from Finding Home is willing to admit that she has a few discreet stashes of items that she’s saving to use on future projects. One of them would be these “Railings and spindles that were just waiting to reach their destiny as spindle and railing candlesticks,” she tells us.

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Faux Wallpaper with Vintage Maps


Have you ever wanted the design impact of a graphic statement wall, but felt unsure of the commitment required–both to install and live with? Well, over at The Happy Housie, Krista found a couple of ways to get around those commitment issues. She covered a wall with pages from old atlases.

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Cute Magnet Boards from Salvage

metal ceiling tiles

Amy Jo from The Little Moments tells me that the owner of a salvage shop gave her these old metal ceiling tiles for free. “I don’t know ANYBODY who wants to put in a metal ceiling these days!” she laughs.

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Garden Box from Old and New Wood


Some time ago, I scavenged some old fence posts from my neighbors’ trash. Well, I’m pleased to announce that I finally used the last of those fence posts! I shared my final fence post project–a garden planter box–at Infarrantly Creative.

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Adding Color to Dried Flowers


“A few weeks ago I was doing some yard work and noticed the flower pods on my crepe myrtles,” says Vidya at What’s Ur Home Story. They had such an interesting shape, and she realized that with a little color, the pods would look like clusters of flowers. It was worth a try!

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Scrap Wood Wine Glass Holder


There are always scraps of wood lying around the Internal Doors’ offices. Looking for a fun way to keep those scraps from going to waste, the folks at Internal Doors figured out a way to turn the extra wood into something useful.

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