Painted Outdoor Pillows Brighten Up Porch


Lina blogs at Fancy Frugal Life. “Our outdoor furniture is about five or six years old,” Lina relates. The furniture came with some plain beige pillows that were starting to look dingy.

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Outside Art from Old Gate


Over at Creatively Living, Katie wanted to add some statement art to the outside wall of her house, and she found the perfect source for free art material. “Craigslist is full of free things every day!” Katie shares. That’s where she found this old, free gate.

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Painted Boat Oars Nautical Decor


“These boat oars were left behind in our old house,” shares Jamie from So Much Better With Age. She had been using the oars as decor in her dining room, but Jamie thought they would look even better with a little paint.

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Mailboxes to Planters Makeover


Over at Second Chance to Dream, Barb had some old mailboxes she’d collected over time from thrift stores and garage sales. At just $1.00 each, the price was right and Barb knew she’d come up with some clever use for them.

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Broken Rocking Chair Makes Rustic Flower Box


At My Creative Days, Lindsay was browsing a yard sale when she came across a box that held a rocking chair top, along with the rest of the rocking chair…in pieces. But Lindsay knew that the broken chair still had lots of potential!

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Painted Tin Can Planters


Rebecca blogs at The Crafted Sparrow. Lately her husband has been bringing home large tin cans from his restaurant when they get thrown away. “I love the idea of re-using them, but I just couldn’t look at the boring tin cans anymore,” Rebecca admits.

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Old Porch Gets Bold New Address Sign


At her blog, Balancing Home, Megan shares, “The very first thing I said when we put an offer in on our house was, that porch needs a makeover.” One reason the porch needed a makeover was the absence of visible address numbers.

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Old Planter Revived as Cute Picnic Caddy


Over at Clean and Scentsible, Jenn had an old planter on her porch that she had perked up with paint two years before. But recently, she noticed that her planter was no longer adding a pop of color to her porch, due to rainwater damage.

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