Scrabble Tile Coasters


If you can get your hands on some Scrabble Game tiles, you might enjoy making some cute coasters like these at Simply Darrling.  Kendra came up with this project, and it’s a quick and easy one. All Kendra needed for these coasters was some glue, cork, and the Scrabble tiles.  She cut out squares of {…Read More…}

It’s About Time, and Reclaimed Wood


“A few months ago I was riding bikes with my girls, and saw a neighbor down the street taking out a huge fence in order to replace it with a new one,” Lindsay begins the story of her latest rescue at Diary of a Crafty Lady. “After riding back and forth a few times I got up the courage to talk to the neighbor, and found out that he was taking down a fence made of cedar, and was willing to give me several pieces of fence board!”

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Old Door Becomes a Shabby Chic Mirror


Over at Thrifty Treasures, Sara figured out how to turn a hollow core door into so much more. “These doors are usually passed up,” she tells us. They aren’t old, or wood. or anything special, but there still are some things you can do with them.

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Pallet Christmas Tree


Julie at Redhead Can Decorate saw a simple pallet Christmas tree last year that got her gears turning. When fate delivered a pallet to her house last summer, she hung on to it and is now the proud owner of a gorgeous silver and gold pallet tree!

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Christmas Ornament Makeover


When it comes to Christmas and color schemes, Alexis at Persia Lou suffers from a bit of “Christmas tree ADD.” She says, “Pretty much every year I feel the need to change things up a bit . . . or change things up a lot. Which, of course, can get pretty pricey.” But this year she had an epiphany and gave some of her old ornaments a so-easy-you-won’t-believe-it makeover.

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Ornament to Remember Grandpa

plaid shirt

Today’s rescue might get you a little teary-eyed. At Cutesy Crafts, Jessica is honoring her late grandfather by making ornaments from some of his clothes to share with her family. Now they can all have “a little piece of grandpa to remember him at Christmas.” After getting a pair of jeans and one of her Papa’s trademarked plaid shirts from {…Read More…}

A Christmas Gingerbread Village from Recycled Containers


“Gingerbread houses are fun, but all too often are temporary because they are made from actual gingerbread, icing and candies. I wanted a Christmas village made up of gingerbread houses, but one I could bring out each year,” Amanda explains on her blog, Crafts by Amanda. Her solution for keeping her gingerbread village fresh was to skip the cookies and go straight for the milk–she started saving milk and juice cartons!

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Thread Spools Dressed up for the Holidays

thread spools

Isn’t it awesome when brand-new decorations materialize out of thin air? Courtney tells us, “The best part about this craft, was that I already had all the materials I needed.” Over at Crafts by Courtney, she’s showing us how she used a few supplies she already had on hand–washi tape, thread spools, and mason jars–to create some kicky new Christmas decor!

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