A Tic Tac Toe Board that Rocks

Taryn (of Design, Dining, and Diapers) is in the Pacific Northwest and now that winter is over she's ready to "spend every second outside!" (I know the feeling!) She used a piece of scrap wood and some stones from her back yard to create an outdoor tic tac toe game that's "inexpensive and provides great entertainment for all ages." At Tater Tots & Jello she's showing us how she did it.

DIY Bedsheet Teepee

Aniko from Place of My Taste wanted to add a fun element to her little boy's bedroom. And what's more fun than your very own teepee? (Answer: pretty much nothing.) Opting not to spend $150 or more, Aniko instead used an old duvet cover for what she calls an "inexpensive, easy and YOU CAN DO IT TOO project!"

Making Seashells Into Art

If you've ever come home from the beach with buckets full of seashells, then you can understand the dilemma of the beach comber: you don't want to throw away the shells you were so delighted to find, but what on earth can you do with all of them? Well, lucky for you Kathy of Petticoat Junktion has an idea!
vase with straws2

Pretty Patterned Drinking Straw Vases

Anima can't stop herself from collecting pretty paper straws, but she also can't bring herself to ruin them by (gasp!) drinking from them. So she's decided to "use them to make pretty things instead." At This Design Journal, Anima is showing us an easy way to transform a straw stash into colorful vases.

Rustic Plank Wall Art

Over at Making It in the Mountains, Kristi has been busy all this month doing home improvement projects. Those projects have left her with a significant pile of scrap wood. She used the scraps to make a rustic art display.

Painted Lady: A Luggage Makeover

Are you in the mood to travel? After seeing today's feature, you will be! Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling had a piece of thrift-store luggage lying around "unloved," just begging to become a project. Check out how she used paint and stencils to turn this into a drool-worthy carry-on!

Loaf Pan Planter

When Katie's mom gave her some nice, new loaf pans, it was time to retire her battered old metal pans. Instead of throwing them out, Katie (who blogs at View From The Fridge) came up with a cute new use for them and shared it at My Crafty Spot.