Adding Cool Flair & New Function to a Jewelry Box


Pauline knows how “one piece of furniture can set the tone or inspiration for the whole room.” After introducing a beautiful new striped chair to her living room, she felt inspired to switch up some of her accessories to match it. Over at Club Chica Circle this old jewelry box found a new identity as a box for remote controls. (And hey, what living room doesn’t need one of those?)

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No Sewing Needed for Bandanna Table Runner


We’re still going strong with the patriotic summer makeovers–there are just so many great ones to choose from! Today’s rescue comes from Jamie at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, who realized recently that with company coming over she probably ought to change out her Easter decor “to something more appropriate for Summer and the upcoming holidays.” Some leftover bandannas from a previous project fit the bill!

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A Global Solution to a Broken Light


Roeschel was almost done installing a beautiful brand-new light fixture when the glass cracked. (Noooo!) But hey, Roeschel is clearly a “make lemonades out of lemon” kind of gal. She hunted down supplies from around her house (specifically a thrift store globe) and got to work! Check out her new light fixture at DIY Showoff.

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Rag Ribbon Garland for Summer Holidays


Michele blogs at The Scrap Shoppe, and she has a great no-sew way to use up some of the fabric scraps in your stash! Michele loves summer decorating, and keeps her stuff up “from Memorial Day to Labor Day.” Her red white & blue rag ribbon garland definitely has me feeling patriotic, but I’m also thinking about other color combinations that would look great throughout the year!

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Sticks and Stones: Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier

mason jars

I would love to have Dinah’s mind. When she sees a large stick in her back yard, she doesn’t think, “Huh. A stick to clean up.” Instead, she sees a stick and immediately decides to make an outdoor mason jar chandelier with it! She’s showing us how she did it at DIY Inspired.

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#10 Can Scores a Perfect 10 as a Planter

10 can

Over at Salt and Pepper Moms, Devin “wanted a new potted plant for my porch but quite frankly did not want to spend any money on it.” Her aloe vera transplant found a free home when Devin revamped a food storage can into a pretty painted planter.

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That’s One Patriotic Pool Noodle


If you happen to have a pool noodle lying around (yep, I see all those nodding heads) then you are going to love this! With summer on the way, Camille realized that she didn’t have “a nice red, white, and blue decoration to celebrate Memorial Day or Independence Day.” So at Growing up Gabel she’s showing us how she quickly turned a pool noodle into a sparkly, patriotic wreath, using duct tape and a few goodies from the dollar store.

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Stepladder Performs Double Duty


Debbie at Refresh Restyle has big plans for a backyard “outdoor oasis” and says, “I give myself bonus points for using things that I already have.” A short ladder from her stash is the perfect candidate for a little multi-purpose makeover, making its debut as a side table AND planter!

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