A Seafaring Craft for Kids


Over at Kids Activity Blog, Michelle came up with a fun craft for her kids. Most of the materials needed are probably ones you already have, and you’ll definitely have the most important one: an empty toilet paper tube.

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Window Framed Doilies


Over at her blog, Flimsy Pi, Karen explains that a friend gifted her with several old windows. “When we picked them up from her house my husband thanked her for ‘feeding my habit’,” Karen laughs. She decided to use the first window as a display for some handmade doilies, a gift from another friend.

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A Homemade Father’s Day Gift


Need a fun craft to keep the kids busy this week and help them get ready for Father’s Day? Pauline used a former soup can as the base for this fun idea that she shared at Club Chica Circle.

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Easy, Busy Fun for Kids from a Box


Katie from The Casual Craftlete shares a cute repurposing project that is inexpensive and will help keep a child busy this summer. Sweet! This one started with the small wooden box that was packaging for one of the toys her daughter got for Christmas. Finding it hard to toss good wood, Katie had saved it.

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A Lighter, Brighter Wicker Chair


Sometimes a piece of furniture is fine as it is….other than it just doesn’t look right in the space you have for it. That was the problem with this wicker chair in a corner of Christina’s bedroom. “My inner battle was that the chair’s finish was pretty as-is. It just didn’t go with the room,” she tells us on her blog, Operation Home.

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Stylish Side Tables Started as Paint Buckets


“If you have followed my blog for awhile, you know I have an addiction for recycling old paint buckets,” says Ama at OhOh Blog. But when you see the stylish side tables she’s going to show you, you’ll have a hard time believing that they started out as paint buckets!

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Getting an Aged Finish with Vinegar


This furniture freebie came to Sara with a black and white finish and a wobbly leg. Otherwise it was in good condition, so she decided to have some fun with the makeover, and shared the results at Thrifty Treasures.

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Fabric Wrapped Frame Looks Sweet


Taking a different route home from her daughter’s gymnastics class one day, Allison of The Golden Sycamore spotted this empty frame sticking out of a trash pile. Even though she wasn’t exactly sure how she was going to use it, she threw it in the back of her car and brought it home.

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