Shopping Bag Art


Sometimes this blog is an excellent way to help me feel like I’m not the only crazy gal out there. For instance, I used to wonder if I was the only one who saved store shopping bags because the paper was so pretty. Well, I’m not! In fact, Anu at Nalle’s House fell so hard for a shopping bag that she turned it into art!

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Simple Pots with a Touch of Gold


Sometimes, the simplest things can be given a new life with just a few minutes of effort. Take these classic terracotta flower pots, for instance. Linda of Burlap and Blue came up with a way to take them from humble to downright stunning.

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From the Ceiling to the Garden: Repurposed Ceiling Fan


Over at Redhead Can Decorate, Julie tells us, “When my husband took down our broken ceiling fan, I saved some of the
parts to use later.”

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Glittery Glass Vase


At The Cwafty Blog, RaChel decided to turn a simple glass bottle into a pretty vase using a few craft supplies she had on hand. Her bottle of choice? A Starbucks frappucino bottle.

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Mercury Glass Bird Feeders


At Stow & Tell U, Amy was looking for a way to use some of the glass canning jars that were gathering dust on her shelves. By combining them with some thrifted glass plates, she figured out a way to make pretty bird feeders. Amy does caution, “I’ve labeled these bird feeders as ‘ornamental’ since they may not pass a rigorous bird feeder enthusiast’s examination.”

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Granny’s Lamps Get a New Look


At her blog, Making It In the Mountains, Kristi tells us she’s been planning on giving her Granny’s lamps a makeover ever since her mom passed them along. “I LOVE the crystal, but the faded brass just wasn’t my thing and the lamp shades were a bit too traditional for my taste,” she says.

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Happy Mothers Day!


Happy Mothers Day to everyone who is a mother, hopes to be a mother someday, or who has benefited from the love of a mother.

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From the Kitchen to the Garden: Succulent Planter


Aren’t vintage kitchen tools the best? Over at House By Hoff, April knew exactly what she wanted to do with this old colander as soon as she laid eyes on it.

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