Covering Up an Ugly Lamp

Over at Stow & Tell U, Amy had an old lamp that could reeeeeally use a makeover.  When she discovered a yarn collection that mimicked the natural fibers of days gone by, she was inspired to use it to give the lamp a new look.  "This yarn is on the thicker side in terms of yarn gauge, and it has a rich, organic texture that really caught my eye," she explains. old-lamp

Miraculous Rescue Creates a Mid Century Modern Set

When Susan of SAF Affect saw these beautiful Mid Century Modern chairs, she was willing to plunk down cash to get them.  She paid $300 for a set of four, and felt like that was a steal.  So imagine Susan's surprise when, just days later, she spotted two more chairs of the exact same design sitting on a curb waiting for the garbage truck. MCM-chair-broken

Adorable Easter Egg Tree

Eggshells aren't usually something we think about sparing from the trash.  But if you happen to be willing to save a few, you might be able to create an Easter egg tree that's almost as cute as this one from Cristina at Remodelando la Casa. eggshells-painted