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Broken Zipper Jewelry

Awesome Sauce zipper before

Sheri blogs at Awesome Sauce & Asshattery.  Recently, she purchased a vintage sequin blouse that was not in the pristine condition she’d been led to believe.  She was able to carefully repair it by removing this broken zipper.

Awesome Sauce zipper before

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Baby Clothes from a Sweater

Awesome Sauce sweater before

Over at Awesome Sauce & Asshattery, Sheri has some great ideas for upcycling old adult clothing into kids’ clothing.  For instance, she used a single sweater to make four funky new clothing items for her little one.

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Tie Camera Strap

tie to camera strap

The only thing Sheri from Awesome Sauce & Asshattery found lacking about the new camera she got for her birthday was the boring strap that accompanied it. Luckily, Sheri had a quick fix that required only an old tie and ten minutes of her time.

tie to camera strap

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Caricature Wall Art

recycled caricatures

After years of creating personalized caricature art for friends, Sheri from Awesome Sauce & Asshattery decided it was time to add a bit of fun to her own living room wall. All she needed were recyclables and a bit of imagination! Each face begins as a cardboard box and then starts of the process of {…Read More…}

Kids Play Teepee

dress to teepee

Sheri from Awesome Sauce & Asshattery had a full skirted maxi dress in the back of her closet that rarely saw the light of day. Shari says, “It fits me like a tent anyway so why not just let it become one.” Literally! Sheri turned her barely worn dress into a quick and simple tot {…Read More…}

Mini Book Pendant Necklaces

leather purse to necklace

Sheri from Awesome Sauce & Asshattery got this patchwork leather purse from the “take-it-or-it-goes-in-the-rubbish box” at her local charity shop. It was exactly what Sheri had been needing to make some necklaces. Necklaces? From a leather purse? Yessiree! Sheri deconstructed and washed scraps of material from the purse to make these mini leather-bound book pendants. {…Read More…}

Wooden Hanger Jewelry Holder

Sheri from Awesome Sauce & Asshattery needed to place to store her bijou bangles where they would be visible and easily accessible but also out of the reach of her toddler daughter’s eager fingers. A vintage wooden hanger inherited from Sheri’s great aunt was just the starting point she need to create a wall holder {…Read More…}