Old Flannel and Blue Jeans for Fall Decor

I love this wreath made by Desiree of The 36th Avenue.  Not only is it a lovely piece of Autumn decor, it’s made from upcycled materials!


For this wreath, Desiree made use of some articles of clothing:  an old pair of jeans and some flannel.  (You could cut up a flannel shirt or purchase flannel at the fabric store if you don’t have a shirt on hand.)  She cut the flannel into strips and wrapped it around her wreath form.  She cut the back pocket off of the jeans and attached that to the wreath.  Desiree also cut off the waistband of the jeans and–keeping it buttoned–used it to hang the wreath.  Some dried fall flowers and greenery tucked into the pocket complete the fall wreath.


Visit The 36th Avenue to view a tutorial for this upcycled Fall wreath.

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