Updating a Dresser

“This bedroom set was in my daughter’s room until a couple of years ago, when we moved it into our master bedroom,” Jann explains at Newton Custom Interiors.  Although this was a very well-made, sturdy dresser, the top had sustained some water damage at some point, and then there was the faux wicker on those upper drawers….things being what they were, Jann decided it was time to update this dresser.


The first thing to go was fake, plastic wicker.  Jann pulled it out and replaced it with some extra v-board that she had leftover from her kitchen remodel.  She painted the dresser creamy white.  The old drawer pulls were removed and replaced with some modern looking black pulls, which make a nice contrast against the backdrop of a traditional dresser.  Amazing results, right?


Get more information about this dresser makeover at Newton Custom Interiors.

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3 thoughts on “Updating a Dresser

  1. Fabulous transformation! It is amazing the difference some hardware can make (and paint too of course). The dresser is on point and looks straight from a Pottery Barn catalog!

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