Tree Stump Table

Julie of Redhead Can Decorate has no shortage of stumps in her wooded yard.  Inspired by one of the photos in her West Elm catalog, she decided to turn one of her elm stumps into furniture.


After searching the yard for the perfect stump, Julie’s husband hauled this one up to their driveway.  It was right for the job, since the bark had already been stripped.  Julie sprayed it down thoroughly with bug spray, then let it dry out in the sun for a week.  After brushing away all the dirt, her husband sanded it smooth.  Then, Julie coated it with polyurethane.  Once dry, they brought it indoors to serve as a stylish side table.  It looks so high-end, but it was completely free!


Visit Redhead Can Decorate to get all the details on this stump turned side table.  If you want to see the inspiration behind this trendy stump table, click over to Knock Off Decor.

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