Sprucing Up Old Door Hardware

Sada blogs at For the Love Creations.  A few years ago, she and her husband tore down the old pergola over their front door, which left the door exposed to the elements.  The recent installation of a new pergola meant it was time for a front door spruce up.  After so much time exposed to the elements, the door hardware was looking pretty beat up.


Initially, Sada thought about purchasing new hardware for the door, but thought again when she saw the $200 price tag.  Instead of making that kind of investment, she decided to see what she could do with the original hardware.  Sada purchased a sample jar of black chalk paint and brushed two coats onto the old doorknob.  The effect was exactly what she wanted, and cost only a fraction of what a new knob would have cost!


Learn what brand of chalk paint Sada used by visiting For the Love Creations.

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