Rescued Cabinet to Mid Century Mod Marvel

Poppytalk recently featured this amazing rescue by Nicole Phillips of Visual Heart.  When Nicole found this ugly cabinet with a single drawer, there was very little to recommend it, other than the fact that underneath, she found brackets attached for legs.  Good thing Nicole has an imagination!


Nicole began the makeover with a good sanding.  She worked hard on the single drawer to remove all of the paint.  Next, Nicole painted the inside of the shelves a pretty shade of turquoise, and the outside a glossy white.  She brought out the beautiful wood tones of the drawer with tungsten oil and added a new drawer pull.  The thing that really made this makeover amazing is that Nicole attached some classic mid-century modern legs (purchased at the local hardware store) onto this piece, giving it a complete style overhaul.  Don’t you love the new look?


Click over to Poppytalk to learn about the paint colors Nicole used to achieve this look.


RoadKill Rescue

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